Diversity Visa Lottery Program: FAQ’s

Nowadays, Diversity Visa (DV) lottery program has become extremely popular for the people of different countries to apply and get visa for US. There are few frequently asked questions regarding DV program, which are important to understand before applying for it. These FAQs are as follows:

1. What is the DV Lottery Program?

The annual DV program offers permanent residence visas to people, who fulfill its simple but strict requirements of eligibility. The computer selects the applications available from each geographic region. Through this way of selection, all DV applications have an equivalent chance of being selected. Each eligible country will not receive more than 7% of the available visas.

2. Who can Apply for the DV Lottery Program?

The eligibility criteria of applying for DV lottery program is that the candidate must have at least high school education certificate or its equivalent. Those countries are not eligible for DV lottery program from where large numbers of immigrants move to the USA.

3. Can People not Born in an Eligible Country Apply for DV Program?

If you are not born in the country, which is eligible for DV program, then you cannot apply for it. In this case, you can only apply for the DV lottery program if your spouse is from an eligible country. However, if you people are selected then you both have to enter the USA together. Kids less than the age 21 years mentioned in the entrant’s application can go with their parents.

4. Are Applicants Limited to One Entry for Applying in the DV Lottery?

Make sure that you submit the application for DV lottery program only once. People who submit more than one application will be disqualified automatically. However, husband and wife can submit separate applications for the DV lottery program if each meets the eligibility requirements for it.

5. Can someone else submit My Application for the DV Lottery Program on My behalf?

Yes, someone can submit your application for the DV lottery program if you are unable to prepare and submit it yourself.

6. What about the Photographs and Signature on the Application of the DV Lottery Program

On the DV lottery form, signatures are not required. However, latest photographs of you, your husband/wife, and kids less than 21 years of age are required. Only individual photos are allowed so do not submit family or group photographs otherwise, your application will automatically be rejected.

7. How Winners are Selected?

A separate number is given to each application received for the DV lottery program at the Kentucky Consular office. Then a computer randomly selects the equal number of people from each geographic region. As we have discussed in the start that in this process all applications have equal chance to be selected. The selected candidates are informed by email or post. In the notification, you will also get the instructions for the processing of visa application. Then the  Kentucky Consular Center sends the appointment letters to the selected people 4 to 6 weeks before the interview.

8. Can the Selected Candidates Adjust their Status?

Selected applicants of the DV lottery program, who are physically present in US, can apply for making the adjustment in the status from temporary to permanent resident.Now enrollment is open for the countries, which are entitled to apply for the DV-2015 Diversity Visa Lottery program.

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