Digital Storm xm15

The new Digital Storm vm15 is one of the laptops for the games to be played quite well. The laptop has been provided with the optimum technology of Nvidia. This technology assists in switching between GeForce GT 540M GPU and Intel Integrated graphics. This switching would be required whenever you are playing the games and need higher performance of 3D graphics for it. The weight of this laptop is less than 6 pounds which becomes extremely easy to carry it around with you. The laptop has made the score of 123 marks in the WorldBench. The battery time that this laptop offers is around 4 hours and overall the laptop performs very well. The processor of the laptop is Core i7 2630QM of Intel running at 2.0GHz. In addition, it also has the ability of exploding till 2.9 GHz with the help of TurboBoost which is a feature of Intel.

The laptop seems to be facing problem while the users would play some heavy games. While playing any of the heavy games they would have to make compromise on the resolution of the screen. The motion was felt to be affected while the scenes were of fast action. The resolution of the screen display of this laptop is 1920 by 1080. The laptop when tested on different games did not give much impressive results. The real deficiency felt in this laptop was of Blu-ray drive. While you play DVD movies on it, you would face the trouble with the sound getting diverted in various scenes. However the video display was intelligent along with the color combination. If you would view the screen from even a little sideways, you would feel the difference between the contrast of the screen comparing with then you see it from the front. However it would not make a huge difference if you are not viewing the screen from more than 45 degree of angle. However, generally the display colors and the picture quality were found to be fine. If you are playing game, watching movie or listening songs, you would need to have a headphone attached with the laptop. This is because despite the availability of the THXStudio application, the sound of the speakers of this laptop is nearly pathetic. It would be extremely difficult to heat the sound of the speaker even if you are sitting in a little bit of noisy area. This laptop has been provided with VGA and HDMI. There are also slots available in the laptop for Ethernet. For the purpose of internet, there is Bluetooth, 3G/4G broadband and gigabit Ethernet. In addition, there are three jacks for the microphones, headphones and line to be connected.

This laptop has four ports in total. One out of these ports supports the USB 3.0. Another port supports the normal USB and one port is for eSATA. Despite being not the best option for games, this laptop is generally seems to be nice. It is easy to carry around as its weight is just fine, less than 7 pounds. However this is not an extraordinary product having some discrete capabilities.

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