Digital Savings: Should You Bundle Your TV, Phone, and Internet Services?

Most people, no matter how large their incomes are, want to save money in some capacity. Individuals often turn to bundling methods to help them lower their bills. Whether or not this plan is for you depends upon a few factors that you must evaluate based on individual circumstances.

Compare the Prices

The only way to know for sure if you should bundle your television, phone and internet is to break down what the costs are. Add up how much you pay per month for each of these services. Then, call different service providers such as Solarus to find out what the cost would be per month. If the cost per month for a bundle is more than you are paying separately, then you might have some negotiating power. Ask the company if it can go under what you’re currently paying.

Sign-up Deals

When you sign up for a bundle, finding out how long that price will last for is of utmost importance. Some companies offer seriously cost-saving pricing at the beginning, but within a year, you find yourself just paying more money again. Taking a hard look at your contract will help to determine what the future will bring. Furthermore, you should talk to people who currently have the bundle in which you are interested.

Quality of Service

If the price of the bundle is significantly less than the cost of paying for each service individually, then you might determine that you should absolutely sign up for the bundle. However, you must also find out what the quality of the service provider is. If your internet is going to go out all of the time and your television won’t let you access any channels, then it is not worth it to pay any money at all. Taking both the quality and the cost into account is a necessity.

Unnecessary Services

By signing up for a bundle, you may also end up paying for services that you do not need. For example, some people do not use home phones at all anymore. Some bundles will allow you to customize what you want, and these plans are often the best for a flexible lifestyle.

One Call

In the event of an outage, having to make one phone call to one service provider as opposed to three will likely save you a great deal of time and hassle. If you can cut down on how much money you are saving and retain quality service and access, then a bundle is likely the right decision for you.

Taking all of these factors into account when you’re deciding whether or not to bundle your television, phone and internet is important. What’s right for someone else might not be the best fit for you.

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