Difference Of B2B Services From B2C Telemarketing Services

With great experience comes great responsibilities!

A very common saying with a deep meaning. When you come across a discussion highlighting the difference between b2b and b2c customer service, you will understand the difference only if you have abundant knowledge and experience in dealing with both the sides. These services might differ slightly from each other, but yes they do.

Believe it or not, B2B marketing is more difficult task than selling your services to customers. Convincing a B2B telemarketing agency requires more effort than B2C, as a business to business marketing requires more logical and analytical skills. While customers’ value the importance of emotions and empathy. Therefore, it is easier to sell a customer your services than your business partner.

Also, you need to give logical reasons to business partners and why your service is better than theirs. Therefore, it is important to encourage and promote continuous improvements in your services in terms of enhancing business to the business customer experience.  Here are some tips to run your business efficiently and improve customer experience.

Innovate and automate your work:

Even if you are working in a small organization with lesser business to business interaction, still try to be innovative in your strategies. Whether it is the calculation of the amount received, monthly billing, or maintaining records, automate all your repetitive tasks. Automation helps an agent to save time and effort and rather give time to more interesting areas which require more of human thinking and intervention.

Minimise interruptions:

Daily meetings and interruptions distract a person from its personal work and distract a person focus on the quality service. Suppose you are handling a B2B telemarketing call and you have a meeting scheduled right now. Either you will postpone your meetings or will give your customers the highlight of the services and ask him to call later. Business firms can interpret this negatively and assume that you are uninterested in talking to them. Therefore, it is better to reschedule your meetings instead of losing a potential buyer.

Deal with complex situations:

  • Dealing in B2B telemarketing services can lead you to deal with more complex problems than that of B2C. B2C dealing does not involve a single person, rather it involves a group of people discussing and analysing the relevance of the upcoming products and services.
  • For selling any service to a retailer, you need to be more thorough while explaining the details and specifications. With digitisation and increasing awareness among the customers and retailers, expectation bar is also rising to a great extent. These innovative applications are facilitating the complex industrial processes like calculation, production, real-time responsiveness, marketing, selling, and so on.
  • These improvements were mostly used in the B2C experience, but now these technologies have entered the circumference of the B2B enterprise, raising the expectation bar to a higher level.
  • At times customer goes for the products because they are comparatively low at prices and good in quality. But in case of a B2B enterprise, there is almost every factor that an agent considers. Like for example, the history of the company, its ventured companies, performance, productivity, good to establish a long-term relationship or not, market value, and reputation.
  • A B2B company is more complex, long, and technical. But the customer experience that a B2B company faces is more interesting and involving than that of B2C. Sometimes the various processes are bundled and optimised as the potential buyers want. A B2B business entrepreneur deal with more than one interaction with the clients which also involves more than one department.
  • Satisfying a B2B customer all through the journey is more difficult than the B2C journey. Considering the requirements of all the departments and after mapping the journey there are enough possibilities to improvise the requirements. Therefore, focus more on the face to face interaction so that it is easy for you and your clients as well.
  • Creating a transparent communication channel is extremely important because generally B2B orders and delivery services are huge and require more attention than any other client.


Indeed the B2B journey is more tough and complex to handle but once you establish a bond with the business enterprise it can stay for a very long time.

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