Demo In Transit: 5 Keys For Transporting Gear To Your Tradeshow

Are you participating in a trade show in the upcoming months? If you want to have the best trade show experience, the very first step is coordinating how all of your gear will get transported to the site of the event so that it arrives on-time and in one piece. Transporting your gear is not as simple as loading a truck and driving it to the location when you are hauling expensive gear a long way. Here are five keys to making sure all of your gear arrives to the show without getting stolen, damaged or delayed.

1. Use Crates and Cartons that Stand Out

The show floor is very large. When companies are setting up for the show, there will be several similar crates scattered on the show floor and this makes misplacing crates very easy on the day of the show. Make sure that the items that are not fragile and that you can ship in crates and cartons stand out so that they do not get lost in the sea of dull wood. Painting the crates prior to shipping or adding corporate logos should solve the problem.

2. Remove Your Old Labels Prior to Shipment

You can prevent mishaps and shipping delays with your freight handler when you make the effort to remove the old shipping labels from the crates. You need the labels to be perfectly clear for shipping by providing the current address, and you should remove any labels that could divert the shipment from where it is intended to go.

3. Keep Items Packed and Ready in Storage

There is nothing worse than storing your gear without any type of organization in between conferences and trade shows. Take time to organize your storage and keep everything prepared for shipment when you store it in the warehouse or in a container. This cuts down on the time it will take to prepare your shipment and can also reduce wear and tear on your gear.

4. Purchase Custom Cases When Necessary

You may not need a custom case for every component you use during the show, but there are fragile and expensive pieces of gear that should call custom cases for shipping home. If you have a plasma monitor, a projector, computers, signage or any other expensive equipment that you cannot afford to have arrive damaged, invest in having a specialty case designed just for shipping.

5. Buy Insurance

You never know when you will fall victim to theft or an accident resulting in damage. If you want to protect your company, you need to be sure that the transportation of your gear is covered by an insurer. Discuss your options with your commercial insurer or the trade show organizer, and you can pass the burden on to an insurer for a minimal cost.

Your trade show gear is what makes you look professional and also what makes you stand out against the competitors. If you are lacking gear due to damage, theft or delays, it can affect the outcome of your trade show. Find a reliable freight service, stay organized, keep track of your crates, buy custom cases and always minimize financial risk with insurance.

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