Delta travel on a Greyhound budget: Stretching your business-travel buck

While some business travelers benefit from a seemingly endless fund of cash from which to pull, others are placed on a tight budget by their frugal employers. If your business travel budget is closely watched, putting some thought into how you spend these dollars is a wise choice. Instead of just opening your wallet and handing over some crisp bills or plastic, spend some time exploring your money saving options and engaging in cost-reducing behaviors.

Use coupon codes

Why spend more than you have to on the boring stuff like plane tickets? Instead of booking full-price tickets, if traveling on a budget engage in a little detective work and hunt down some coupon codes for use in reducing your travel costs. Apply the money you save somewhere else, taking a night out on the town or stopping by an engaging attraction in the city you visit, for example.

Stay outside the city

When traveling to a major metropolis, consider making your hotel reservations for a neighboring suburb from which the city is easily accessible. Often you will end up spending a large amount more on hotels located in the city, so by staying outside of the city you can get a bigger bang for your buck. In a hotel outside the city, for example, you may be able to get a much nicer room for the same amount of money.

Pack some food

If you often find yourself hungry, exhausted and struggling to resist the siren’s call of the hotel mini-bar, make it easier for yourself by packing some food for your trip. Stick some snacks and perhaps a bottle of wine or two in your luggage. With these edibles in hand you can avoid paying a premium for snacks at the hotel or in tourist-populated areas.

Do your own laundry

Most hotels offer laundry service; however, you are going to pay a premium if you take advantage of it. If on a fixed budget, make sure you don’t allow your cash to run down the drain with the sudsy water by taking care of your laundry needs yourself. Venture to a Laundromat and throw in a few loads. By taking a more hands on approach to laundry completion, you can likely save yourself a large amount of cash.

Use public transit

Renting a car is the go-to option of choice for many business travelers, but it isn’t always the best one. Particularly if you are visiting a city about which you know little, you may be better off taking advantage of public transit. In doing so, you can save yourself the struggle of trying to navigate a city about which you aren’t familiar as well save yourself the money you would have shelled out renting a car and paying whatever parking fees you might encounter.

Making that budget stretch isn’t that hard if you are committed to the task. By putting effort into making your dollars go further, you can transform your next business trip from a belt-tightening, fun-free experience to one in which you feel more free to indulge and engage in a little recreation as a reward for your frugality.

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