Dedicated Server Hosting: High Security and Return on Investment

Dedicated server hosting is a type of internet hosting which involves a client leasing the entire server, not shared by anyone else, from the hosting company. The degree of control over the server, and hence the ability to mould it in your own accord, is maximum. Choices such as hardware and the type of operating system are entirely made by you. A dedicated server basically is a powerful computer used exclusively for network requirements.

Businesses Requiring Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is usually required by a web site or a cluster of interdependent companies that receive a substantial amount of online traffic on regular basis. Mostly high-end e-commerce websites or complex businesses prefer to use dedicated servers as they want to ensure high speed and security. Companies purchase these servers when they feel that they require inclusive control over their hosting server.

Physical Location of the Server

A dedicated server is typically resided in data centers analogous to colocation facilities. The data center is provided with HVAC systems and redundant sources of power. It is the web host that has the ownership of the server and you usually do not maintain physical access to it.

Managed or Unmanaged Server Hosting

In a managed server hosting plan, the host of the server is inclined to offer every type of technical support along with the hardware and web server. The host provides administrative assistance and management support to you. You only have to worry about the website and the content.

An unmanaged dedicated server on the other hand only involves the hosting company providing you with hardware, web server, the operating system and the internet connection. You have to handle all the technical aspects of the server yourself. This involves a high degree of technical skills on your part.

Operating System Offered

Commercial operating systems like Red Hat enterprise or Microsoft Windows Server are provided with special costs, while variations of Linux and UNIX are provided for no charge. On your part, the choice of the operating system is generally made keeping in consideration the degree of management offered by the host company with each system. The support may be in the form of updates, such as service packs, application updates, security patches, to address security issues or “system wide vulnerability issues”.

Internet Service-Bandwidth

One of the incentives for choosing a dedicated server is the fact that host companies are able to provide high speed internet connections at low prices. It is essential for a website that receives high amount of online traffic or an e-commerce business that requires a high speed internet connection and high bandwidth services. The host is able to offer such high bandwidth at low prices as they integrate multiple-provider blend of bandwidth. Without the multiple-provider blend, you would have to incur hefty costs on core routers, expensive monthly bills and long term contracts.

A dedicated server provides a high degree of security to the stored data on the network servers. Special software programs are deployed by the host to check any kind of intrusion or obstructive invaders to the network.

A number of online consultants or ranking sites are available for dedicated servers, which rank them according to their performance. For instance, hosting/ helps you choose the best dedicated server host by reviewing each host and pinpointing the pros and cons them.

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