CRM and BPM Products

Definition of BPM and CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and relates to technologies, processes, and practices that companies leverage in order to analyze and manage customer data within the  whole relationship lifecycle with the customer. Its main purpose is to enhance business relations with customers and assist in the sales growth.

BPM stands for Business Process Management and refers to an approach that can significantly improve the profitability, strength, and productivity of a business. BPM uses systems, software, and solutions that are designed to enhance workflow, optimize business processes, and monitor them

Difference between BPM and CRM

There is a good description of CRM and BPM: while CRM can be compared to a cruise ship, BPM can be viewed as any ship. The first one is targeted solely at customer, it is more specific, while the other includes several processes that any business can utilize to suit its needs. Customer relations can be a part of BPM processes, while BPM tools may serve several purposes. However, BPM always complements to CRM.

Benefits of BPM

BPM can add extra dimensions to your business in several areas. They are:

  • Enhances performance: BPM is a set of tools designed to increase the performance of your business. It resembles bricks that you can assemble to build a wall that suits your needs.
  • Ensures industry leadership: the right BPM software can be deployed quickly despite its technological complexity. It is important to find the business process management system provider who maintains a leadership position in a particular industry.
  • Provides agility: a BPM system allows you to support process agility, which means that you will be able to adapt and update processes used for every new situation that appears.
  • Helps analyzing: by using its capabilities of Simulation or Analysis, BPM can make it possible for you to provide better control over the structure of business processes that you run.

Practical examples of BPM and CRM use

For instance, you want to improve your customer relations management and start enhancing your customer data analytics process, which can result in significant financial outcome for your organization. This requires gathering more specific information from customers, as well as usage of external databases and public records. That, in turn, will lead to the evaluation of new marketing tools and newer sales with the target to make the process easier for sales executives and IT managers. For that you will need specific customer management software. CRM suites for midsize organizations will help satisfy that need.

The above mentioned processes can integrate with your other processes such as, logistics and communications, which also need to be included into the process of enhancement of other departments. This way, technologies, practices, and strategies used in CRM system will extend to processes used in other areas and can become a part of BPM systems, which handle business processes of the entire enterprises.


BPM and CRMThere are many helpful online products that offer BPM online platforms. They run on engines that provide all the tools required for a complete cycle of business process management, such as designing, execution, monitoring, and analyzing. For instance, bpm’online offers new award-winning BPM software that enhances operational capabilities

Online BPM and CRM products are easy for deployment and can be configured and customized on-premises. They provide a wide range of useful technological features such as:

– Management and  business operations can be done with the help of mobile devices.

– Such functions as comments, questions, and answers can be performed using enterprise social network.

– Businesses can operate through cloud options, which guarantee lower operation costs and quicker results.

All of that adds new dimensions to BPM systems.

BPM tools

In average, BPM tools employ some of the following techniques:

  • Simulation is a helpful tool that allows simulation of a process before or in the course of its execution.
  • Analytics serves the need of accumulation and organizing the data, which allows for analyzing and controlling the process execution as well as making necessary changes.
  • Collaboration is a technique that helps to promote cooperation among the employees in order to enhance business process performance.
  • Business process modeling is a tool that provides assistance in creating diagrams of business processes.

BPM features

BPM systems may include the following:

  • Social collaboration
  • Cloud services
  • Communication with external systems
  • Analytics optimization processes
  • Case management
  • Work optimization and many other features.

Online BPM products

Online business process management software helps improve your enterprise activity through delivering of comprehensive, cutting-edge business process management suites. Their main purpose is to provide user-friendly software in order to optimize and model existing tools, as well as to enhance capabilities designed for end users. The software for online operation ensures that processes – from very simple to extremely sophisticated ones- can be managed, designed, and deployed with little or no effort.

In all businesses, managers are in need of easy-to-operate, flexible tools that allow for utilizing the process management tools by enabling them to implement the desired changes. BPM online products are backed by reliable platforms. In the case of online products, processes of any complexity can be modeled as well as run online. To operate bpm’online software you don’t have to be a technology specialist, as it is easy to change processes on your own directly in the system.

Besides, the software resides on the servers that belong to the enterprise unlike the cases with cloud-based BPM, when the data is kept on a remote network.

To sum it up, BPM and CRM are becoming an integral part of modern day-to-day business operations allowing for the boost of company’s activities in all the required areas using the most effective BPM software flexible tools.

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