Creating a More Appealing Garage Space

The garage may have been invented with cars in mind, but today it serves a whole range of purposes. Garages have expanded to contain two or three cars, plus a whole range of additional accessories. In the process, these ever-expanding places often become repositories for the things homeowners plan on addressing later. Organization can fall by the wayside — especially since the garage is separated from the rest of the home — and its contents are quickly misplaced or forgotten.

But there’s no need for garages to be used so inefficiently. It doesn’t take too much effort to dramatically improve their possibilities, turning once-ignored spaces into functional extensions of your home. If you are interested in ways you can build a next-generation garage without breaking the bank, read on for some garage DIY ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Improve the flooring

Concrete floors just don’t make sense from a financial or functional perspective. It’s fine to use concrete as the foundation of the garage, but concrete is porous and can soak up oil and other fluids, worsening its appearance over time. The easy solution is to coat your concrete floor with a layer of epoxy. Epoxy is inexpensive and easy to apply, and it provides a perfect seal that keeps concrete clean and is easy to clean up. Plus, the epoxy creates a nice gloss that looks much better than dull concrete.

Increase your gadgetry

Technology seems vastly underrepresented in garages across the country. There are plenty of techy features that go great in the garage. A high-tech garage door opener, for example, can provide excess through a remote button entry or through a passcode-secure keypad fixed to the garage’s exterior.

As far as entertainment goes, a nice stereo system or even a high-definition television can be a great asset when you’re working in the garage but want to catch the game or listen to music. And some other work-related features, such as an air compressor, can come in handy when you need to inflate your car’s tires or even the tires on your kid’s bike.

Built-in storage

Prospective homebuyers love to see a garage outfitted with built-in storage units, but too many times the space is bare of shelving and other storage features. Go ahead and install some of your own storage to make organization and tidiness easier to achieve in the garage. If and when you decide to move, you’ll have a great asset that will increase your home’s value.


A dedicated workspace

You’ll find your chores and hard labor easier to do if you have a good workspace at your disposal. It all starts with a great workbench designed to suit your expected uses. You’ll also want to invest in a nice toolbox stocked with items you plan to use on a regular basis, and consider hanging other tools from the wall to maximize space and keep this equipment within reach.

Functional lighting

Most garages feature the bare minimum when it comes to lighting. Don’t settle for an inefficient space. Install some better lighting that entices you to work in this room. Consider overhead lighting in your work space, track lighting throughout the garage, and other lighting features as you see fit.

Although it’s often bathrooms and kitchens that sell homes, a great garage is a pleasant surprise to any home shopper. And as you create your space and reap its benefits, you’ll understand why such a nice garage is so highly coveted. By treating it like any other room in your house, you will get far more in return than you ever thought possible.

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