Creating a Better Guest Bedroom for Your Home

While some homeowners may want to dismiss the guest bedroom as it relates to interior design, it can pay to give this room the attention afforded to other spaces. After all, most people want their guests to be comfortable in their home and to enjoy their experience, and the features in a bedroom can make a big difference.

That doesn’t mean you have to pull out all the stops in making staying in your guest bedroom a transcendent experience. You should just be focused on making changes that improve the aesthetics of the room and create a more relaxing, comfortable space. Whatever your working budget, there are ways to make this happen. Here are some points to consider when trying to create the ideal bedroom for your guests.


Above all else, the peacefulness and quiet of a bedroom is essential. Your guests will be best served by a sleeping space that is low on distractions and high on tranquility. While it might seem like a nice gesture, a TV is often serenity’s worst enemy — it’s better off removed. Turn the guest bedroom into a space for reading, relaxing and sleeping. Your guests will feel the difference.

Simplify your colors

Don’t overcrowd your guest bedroom with an abundance of bold, clashing colors. This can be mentally distracting to anyone staying in that room, making it tougher to relax and put one’s mind at ease. Ideally, your color scheme should be restricted to three different colors that work well with one another. Aim to outfit your room with cool colors, which have a calming effect. And tie in various features in the room to apply the color scheme all throughout the space.

Bedroom furniture

A new bedroom furniture set can be a great upgrade, eliminating mismatching pieces for a single, unified set. Make sure this furniture ties in well with the rest of your color scheme, and choose a bedroom set is made from quality materials that will last a long time.

Add window treatments

Unwanted light coming into the room can be disturbing and unpleasant. Even if light isn’t an issue, a bare window isn’t nearly as eye-appealing as adding window treatments to the feature. Whether it’s curtains or drapes, treatments that match your color scheme will add a touch of elegance to your guest bedroom.

Improved lighting

It isn’t hard to make some meaningful lighting adjustments. Dimmers can give you much greater control over how the lighting affects the mood of the room. Track lighting can also provide more customization options. And don’t forget about bedside lamps and other lighting that will affect how your guests operate in the room.

Entertainment options

In the absence of a television, there are plenty of other items you might want to include. Consider a bookshelf or some copies of various magazines to be included in the guest room, as well as a music player of some kind. It doesn’t have to be much, but you might as well utilize the space and contribute something to your guest room experience.


Even if you have them elsewhere, a basket or small stash of toiletries can be a nice gesture to your guests, who will inevitably leave bathroom products behind at some point.

When it comes to hosting, most homeowners want their guests to feel welcome and comfortable. While hospitality is a big part of that, the accommodations you offer will also make a big difference. Put a little effort into creating a better guest bedroom and your future guests will be very grateful.

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