Create Professional Quality Videos Easily With Movavi Video Suite

Editing a video can be difficult and time-consuming work if you don’t possess basic video editing knowledge. Unfortunately, most video editing software are targeted towards professionals and can often be too complicated to handle. However, Movavi seeks to rectify this problem with its amazing new Movavi Video Suite that offers comprehensive video editing tools to create great-looking home movies in limited time.

What is Movavi Video Suite?

Recording and editing music and video has never been easier and the Video Suite lets you create your own slideshows and video clips, record video directly from your computer screen, burn discs with media content, and save and convert music and videos to several popular formats. The Movavi Video Suite is a boon for amateurs without technical video editing skills and the unlimited yet simple tools at their disposal means that they can create and convert videos in seconds, edit pictures and videos, and carry out all kinds of video recording. The small size of the software means that you can download it quickly and efficiently, and unleash the power of this all-in-one toolkit.

Use the Movavi Video Suite to Create High Quality Home Movies

Making professional movies at home is easier than ever with your favourite music and video tracks. You have the option to transform your collection of digital photos into impressive slideshows by simply importing them and linking them into proper sequences along with good titles and transition effects of your choice. Overlay music can be added to enhance the appeal of the project. You can apply professional looking filters on your videos.

Recording Video Footage and Soundtrack is Simpler than Ever

Video tutorial creation is easier than ever since Movavi Video Suite lets you highlight cursor movements, record clear screen-casts, show keys that are pressed at the time of the recording and add audio commentary. Live streaming clips can be saved along with clips from video streaming websites like YouTube to be included in your home-made movies. The Movavi Video Suite provides you with all the tools you require to become a great video blogger. Skype conversations may also be recorded and you are able to add music, effects, titles etc. to include those clips in your home-made video album.

Power of Multimedia Conversion at Your Fingertips

Unreadable formats are no longer a problem with Movavi Video Suite since the program supports more than 180 different formats which allows for faster conversion of music and video files. You can create video files in formats compatible with different portable devices with Movavi Video Suite.

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