Corporate Incentive SmartOne Cards

Smartone is a well known division of TSTY. The program is a very end to end program that is specifically used for all the kinds of organizations and businesses all over United States. The prepaid card is as well backed up by TSYS featured powerful and innovative technology as well as a lot of market experience. SmartOne is capable of providing speed to you competitive models and also in adding exceptional speed to the market offering the internal as well as external clients business customized services in addition with prepaid cards. It has proven to be a lot helpful in influencing to educate customers regarding the real power held by the guiding as well as to prepaid clients so as to optimize the prepaid programs that they possess. SmartOne is able to offer to its users and their businesses as incentive awards items.


  • The cards offered by smartOne can save customers time as well as money. In addition to that they can also help in improving user’s operational efficiency.
  • The cards can make your case a lot safer as if they are stolen or misplaced, they can be easily backed up by Visa or MasterCard policies.
  • Cards help in motivating the loyalty of the customer, boosting his or her business and in driving a brand new business.
  • A customizable branding option is offered so as to increase the recognition and brand exposure, which act as a part of corporate marketing strategies.

Flexibility as well as Convenience

  • The card can be used at any place where MasterCard and Visa are accepted like in stores, online, over the calls etc.
  • The cards are available at any value.
  • This card can also be preferred aver gift cards which is only usable at very few retailer shops.
  • An additional quality of this card is that the card has no cardholder fee. All the money that is loaded in the card is just for cardholder and nothing else. You need not to pay any king of activation or monthly fees.

Prepaid Programs Offered

The smartOne cards can prove to be perfect at any kind of occasion as well as fit all your business needs. These single loaded cards, are available to the customers at any value or amount that you choose and also there are reloadable cards available that can be easily used in case of repeated funds to business associates, vendors as well as to employees.

The entire cards are also available in form of Visa as well as MasterCard.

The users also have the option to personalize the text that is printed on their cards. You are also given option to customize the mailed card carrier with each and every card by adding a company logo on the card along with messaging lines of your choice.

The prepaid cards have become a preferred option that is used to recognize business, customers, business partners as well as reward and motive employees.

Overall TSYS is able to deliver the advanced technology as well as value to money to many of the world’s leading companies and business organizations. This has made the millions of customers to make use of their credit and debit cards safely as well as securely.