Choosing A Web Designer – Freelance or Agency?

Getting your business discovered used to involve blanketing the print media market and sticking a listing in the Yellow Pages. The modern world has gone digital, though, and those are no longer the ways a business gets discovered. Search engines are where the majority of people find what they are looking for now, which means that a website is now an integral part of every business, big or small. You also have to consider the fact that many of those searches happen on the go, with mobile devices how the internet is frequently accessed. Not only do you need a website for your business, it has to be created using adaptive website design so that it is viewable across all manner of devices.

The Preference of Small Business Owners

Small business owners are usually on a tight budget, which is why so many feel that they simply cannot afford the cost of website design. While that may well be the case if they opt to go with a high-priced company, it may not necessarily apply if they get their site built by a freelancer. It is now entirely possible to get a professionally designed site for a fraction of what you would normally expect to pay. It is also possible to use many of the free tools that help you build a site on your own, but if you don’t know about some of the more creative aspects of design, your amateur abilities will shine through on your finished site. The average person looks for a website that is well designed and easy to navigate, which is not something that is guaranteed if it wasn’t professionally designed.

Knowledge of SEO for Designers

Another thing to consider is the fact that search engines are how sites get discovered. Web design isn’t just all about making a site look pretty. You also have to consider the content and keywords that will get the site found on all the major search engines. Most professional website designers have a strong knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), which means they can create a great looking site that the search engines will love.

The Increaing Trend of Freelancers

The number of freelancer website designers is very much on the rise, especially since there are now many more places they can sell and market their work. Microgig sites are now incredibly popular, providing designers and other creative types an outlet to sell their services to customers at incredibly affordable rates. The concern among some businesses is sure to be that the low cost of the service means that the work is not up to par, but that is not the case. When it comes to website design, many of the designers selling on those types of sites are already working for a design firm but looking to supplement their income, out of work designers, or younger types looking to build a portfolio and break into the business. Either way, what you get is a professional designer who can put together a great looking site for a fraction of what you may have expected to pay.

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