Choose The Right Promotional Items For A Successful Advertising Campaign

Most business owners consider the purchase of promotional products a worthwhile investment if they build the credibility of the business, increase awareness, and bring in new and repeat sales. The effectiveness of your campaign depends of the care that you place on choosing the right products. Not all items are created equal; you might be surprised to find out that effectiveness is not determined by the amount of money you spend on the items. Rather, it is your audience and the functionality of the product that determines the effectiveness. If you’re at a loss at where to start when choosing promotional items, here are some things to consider.


Whether you choose a coffee mug, tote or desktop item the design should fit in with the image of your company. Select designs that represent who you are as a business. Pay careful attention to little details, as it makes all the difference in the acceptance of your items. For instance, coffee mugs that are insulated, ergonomically shaped and the right size would quickly become your customers’ favorite coffee mug. Think carefully about the details, and ensure that your logo and company’s contact information is printed in an appealing way.


Your promotional items must be of the finest quality. Cheap, low quality products leave a bad impression on your company. The fact that you’re giving the items away is no reason to lower your standards. Another reason you don’t want resort to low quality items is that it defeats the purpose of your marketing. Consider that promotional items will market your business for many months or years, but if you use low quality products the items will be thrown out in days or weeks. Also, if the logo and contact details come off easily, your advertising will effectively come to an end.


Does your product make sense in the area where you live? For instance, would you hand out t-shirts during the winter? Or flash drives to construction workers? Thing carefully of your target audience and choose products that will be useful to them. There are some products that will be useful for anyone, and these are the products you should gravitate to if you’re stuck.


Conduct research to find out what type of promos your competitors are giving out. You need to one up the competition to catch your audience interest. Make sure the quality of the product is on par or even better than what the competition offers.


Your budget is the final consideration – albeit a very important consideration – when it comes to your choice of you promos. It’s never wise to invest a lot of money on events like trade shows because of the nature of these events. Instead your budget will be better spent on a year round strategy used to promote your business. Do not sacrifice quality if your budget is small. Look for discounts or purchase lessitems in order to maintain quality.

Amber Lee is a freelance writer, marketing consultant, musician and cooking enthusiast. With a background in promotional marketing, Amber utilizes LovePromos for custom promos for her clients. Follow Amber on Twitter at

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