Changing the Face of Housing

It used to be that we all lived in very similar houses which all contained the same sort of technology. I remember that on my street one of the families had a fancy washing machine when I was a kid, but apart from that I am pretty sure that behind all of the upvc doors were very similar TVs, radios and heating appliances.

These days things have changed dramatically and the variety of home gadgets means that probably every house on my street now has a different set of technology running it. This has got to be a good thing, and I decided to think about some of the changes which modern advances have caused in how we live and how we live.

More Comfort

Does anyone else remember shivering while they waited for the home’s heating to kick in? Early morning starts for school were a particular nightmare, and I can clearly recall sprinting from my bed to the bathroom as quickly as possible in order to avoid getting too cold. Now we can control our heating as precisely as we like and can even do it when we are far from our property. Add in lighting which we can subtly adjust to our needs and lots of other modern touches and it is clear that life is that bit more comfortable than before.

More Time Saving Devices

Another memory I have from my childhood is of watching my mother spend hours washing the clothes and then making the dinner. How many of us now, for example, spend more than half an hour in the kitchen for anything other than pleasure? While a lot of these new appliances seem to be serious energy consumers we also have devices to keep us more in control of our energy use than ever before. I certainly feel that we are now more in control of our lives than ever in this respect, cleaning companies such as Cleaning Hero maybe phased out. All of this means that we have a lot more free time than ever before, and this in turn leads us rather nicely onto the next point.

More Fun

Our entertainment options in the old days were pretty much limited to watching the television or listening to an ancient radio which was the size of a large dog and crackled almost endlessly. The television was usually our preferred option but even this was limited to three channels and the service ended before my bedtime. How times how changed since then! My home isn’t the most tech heavy in the land but we have a few modern items like a big led screen, DVDs, two computers and a karaoke machines among other things. It is just as well that we can now save time in other areas in order to be able to enjoy these things and appreciate life in a modern house.

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