Celebrate Summer With A Gas BBQ For Your Business

Think of the great British summer and what comes to mind? Fish and chips at the seaside and most probably a family barbecue.

Today, more people are enjoying BBQ’s at local venues such as pubs and restaurants and investing in a gas barbecue for your business could be a great move to attract customers.

1. The Benefits of Gas BBQ’s

Whether you own a sophisticated city centre pub, country tavern or a restaurant with outside terrace, gas barbecues are a great way to enjoy the summer. You could host events such as barbecue nights or fun days for the family, or simply add chargrilled food to your summer menu – you could even mix it up and offer a Mediterranean style menu with chargrilled vegetable and fish dishes. Barbecue cooking is a healthy, low-fat way to cook meat such as steaks and burgers, imparting a delicious, smoky flavour, whether you use rubs and marinades or not. Regular summer BBQ nights are a great way to attract new customers to your pub or restaurant and work particularly well when you have an outside terrace or dining area for customers to enjoy the sun.

2. Add Some Style

Sophisticated gas barbecues in chrome and stainless steel are all the rage and with sturdy, cast iron cooking grids, you can ensure beautifully smoky, chargrilled BBQ food every time you switch your barbecue on. Whether you choose a smaller version which can cater for a few customers or a large commercial gas barbecue which can comfortably cook food for dozens of people will depend on your budget and the size of your restaurant or bar.

3. Won’t it Cost a Fortune?

Running your barbecue doesn’t have to cost a fortune – in fact, you’ll find that gas barbecues are an affordable way to cook meat, fish and vegetables at your establishment. Cooking with gas is more environmentally friendly too and you’ll find the latest gas barbecues have channels specially designed for self basting meat and fish, leaving you more time to prepare the other parts of your diner’s meals. You can use your gas barbecue to grill, roast and bake vegetables, meat, fish and even fruit for dessert to perfection and you can purchase your commercial BBQ with a tank of LPG so it’s all good to go the second it arrives! You could even use your barbecue year round underneath a covered awning – because it’s gas powered with an electric ignition switch, you won’t need to wait until the sun is shining to get the sausages and chicken going! Gas barbecues are a great way to cook food, especially in the summer months. Sophisticated gas barbecues in stylish stainless steel and black add a touch of style to any establishment, from city centre bars to country pubs, creating smoky, delicious BBQ food in a matter of minutes.

Shirley Jones is a food writer who enjoys food cooked on gas barbecues both at home and when dining out. She knows that sophisticated gas barbecues such as her chrome and black model are the perfect way to enjoy a romantic evening for two in the sun, or feed the kids over the summer holidays and recommends them to anyone looking to enjoy BBQ food this summer!

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