Business Cards: Still A Networking Necessity

In this world of digital marketing and social media, it seems like all forms of business promotion and networking have gone online. From websites to social media, a majority of our communication is done digitally. But in reality, print media still offers value. Take, for example, business cards: Not only are they not dead, they’re pretty much a requirement in the corporate world just as they were 10 or 20 years ago.

Read on for some tips on making traditional business cards a relevant and useful part of your day-to-day business interactions.

Cards are Still Expected

Believe it or not, prospective customers and colleagues still expect to receive business cards. In fact, the average small business owner in America distributes about 40 cards a month, and 60 percent say they currently hand out more cards then they did five years ago. Those statistics make a strong argument for the persistent relevance of cards: They’re still a great way to get the name of your business out there and to raise awareness of what your company does. Also, not having cards could disappoint potential contacts looking to connect with you.

Establish a Name Identity and Personal Brand

Having a card to hand to someone interested in your business helps you leave a lasting impression and establish a business identity. Whether yours is a one-man show or a larger company, building a name and brand reputation is crucial for growing your business. Finding a reliable printing service and possessing a steady supply of cards to hand out are a crucial part of doing just that.

Personality Wins Business

Just because the idea of business cards is a traditional one doesn’t mean your cards have to be boring or uninspiring. In fact, your chances of making your mark are much stronger if your cards are memorable and unique. Do away with your ideas of what a business card “should” look like and let your creative juices flow a bit.

Spend some time coming up with ideas to convey what your business does through your cards. Perhaps you could try out a three-dimensional design or a clever trompe l’oeil image. You could even stamp your contact information on objects like small toys or desk knick-knacks to help ensure that the recipients hang onto them. There are many examples online of business cards, so conduct a little research to find some inspiration.

Bridge the Gap

If you want to cross the divide between print media and online marketing, consider ways to do so using your business cards. Of course, printing your website address on your cards is a given, but there are other options. You might include a QR code on your cards to foster a direct connection to your website via a smartphone. Or you could use your cards to emphasize your company’s presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Making connections in today’s business world still requires a supply of cards, but the options are limitless in terms of design. Use the necessity of obtaining cards as an opportunity to let your creativity shine through in a way that reflects positively on your brand.

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