Business Bonding: 4 Activities That Encourage Positive Work Relationships

The workplace can either be a field of dreams or a war zone. Since so many people spend the majority of their week in the workplace, it’s really nice to report to an environment where harmony and positivity are fostered. As a business owner, you hold the power to make that a reality in your own business. Between vetting and hiring the right people and fostering an environment that makes employees want to stay, you hold a lot of power in your hands. Consider doing the following activities to encourage a harmonious work environment.


Icebreakers are incredibly helpful because they allow employees the opportunity to come together and learn more about each other. Icebreakers normally have a way of showing a person’s quirks, strengths, and desires in a light-hearted way. It might be a nice idea to facilitate a fun icebreaker during the lunch break. To break things up a little bit, give employees the chance to do an icebreaker during the 2:30 pm lull that many employees experience. It’ll help liven up their spirits and allow them to have a little fun while they learn more about one another.

Company Dinners

Company dinners are lovely because who doesn’t enjoy a delectable plate of food? Make sure that the employees know that the tab is on you as the owner. Free food always makes things better. Consider going to a nice restaurant like Tony Roma’s or another favorite spot among employees. It might be nice to hire a professional photographer to document the night and all the fun. A lot of business deals happen over dinner. At the same time, a lot of fun memories can be made over dinner as well.

Work Retreats

Work retreats are excellent ways for companies to regroup, recenter and refocus. It’s good to get away from all of the noise and decide on important matters regarding the company. While it may be work-related, retreats have a tendency to help a person do a personal reset. With a temporary change of pace and lifestyle, most people become more thoughtful and focused on what really matters and how they can circle back to the fundamentals again.

Mentorship Programs

It can be really stressful to be in an environment that feels like everyone is out to get one another. When an employee is in an office where they know that they’re supported and encouraged to become the best they can be, they’re more likely to achieve that goal. This is why mentorship is so important. Partner different people within the company to help and encourage one another. Before long, they’ll foster positive relationships.

As you implement strategies to shift the office environment, remember that you might get a little push-back from employees who are used to a certain way of operating. Move forward anyway. Positive change makes a lasting impact and is worth the effort.

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