Business Basics: 5 Ways You Can Boost Employee Morale

Working a 9-to-5 job can become monotonous halfway through the week. Managers need their employees to give that extra effort all week, but just providing raises or bonuses annually is not enough to boost morale. Creative ways to break up the day and improve your corporate culture at the same time are critical to any company’s success. Here are some ways you can boost employee morale, which will motivate them to work harder and remain happy.

Understand How They Tick

Everyone has a different strategy for their work day. Some people come to work and collaborate heavily with others to perform well while other employees need to concentrate alone for a good portion of the day to push out intense projects. Do not lump introverted people into a group project and expect them to shine. Those who work better alone may just need a quiet space to thrive. You might also want to consider that some people are morning people while others are night owls. Don’t surprise night owls with a complex new project early in the morning; likewise, don’t dump a key corporate initiative on a morning person late in the afternoon.

Charity Helps

Employees know that the company’s main goal is to make a profit, but a typical 40-hour work week does not allow much time for other interests. Offer paid time-off, such as four hours each month to concentrate on outside charitable work. Offering help at a soup kitchen or an animal control center boosts loyalty and respect for the company. When the employee returns, they are ready for a productive workday after being given the opportunity to give back to their community.

Consider Company Gifts

Even a small token of your company’s affection, such as a customized key chain you can order from, gives employees a boost and promotes the company’s brand at the same time. Promotional products like these act as walking billboards, ensuring you gain repeated marketing exposure every time they are used by employees. Ask employees to go to to create their own company memento to keep them excited about the brand as well.

Communicate Constantly

Some managers gloss over issues that are clearly affecting a team negatively. Even if it is uncomfortable, communicate both good and bad problems occurring in the department. A fast resolution results in more productivity. Ignoring a problem typically results in resentment and a poor work ethic.

Allow Creativity

Provide an opportunity for employees to shine by asking them to work on projects that improve or add to an existing company product. You’d be amazed at the clever ideas that come out of employees. If this is the case, these employees receive an automatic morale boost and incentive to keep working on new ideas.

Employee morale is based on respect and creativity. Implement projects that have the best chance of improving the mindset and work habits of your employees.

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