Browser-based Project Management Software

Project management software allows companies and individuals alike to collaborate with each other by sharing files, communicating via an instant messaging platform, tracking sales, compiling customer information, and utilizing group-accessible tools. While project management software is nothing new, the Internet has allowed project management software to leap from personal and corporate computers to cloud-based platforms that can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device in the world.

What Is Browser-based Project Management Software

Browser-based project management software is a type of software that allows individuals to communicate with each other, share files, and access reference materials from any Internet-enabled device in the world via a regular Internet browser. Unlike computer-based project management systems, browser-based project management software is unrestricted to a specific geographical location, which allows collaborators to perform tasks and update the system on their own time. While browser-based project management systems may be self-hosted on a company server, they are often cloud-based and provided by third-party platforms.

The following are some examples of free, browser-based project management platforms.


GoPlan is a simple, yet effective browser-based project management platform that is free for up to 10 users. GoPlan is extremely easy to use, allowing all collaborators to instantly use the software without needing to go through any lengthy tutorials. GoPlan consists of a Project Activity screen that shows what everyone in the group has been doing lately, a People section that simply lists the members within the group and allows users to contact each other, a Milestones page that lists the group’s short-term and long-term goals, and a Time Tracking system that monitors how long it takes for the group to achieve each task.

Action Method

Action Method is a nice project management system that allows companies and other organizations to keep track of their comings and goings via actionable steps that must be taken before a goal can be accomplished. Action Method is free for up to 50 action steps and consists of five separate modules to help collaborators get things done. Action Method includes an Action Steps module that shows each actionable step for the currently-selected project, a References module that displays group-accessible tools and reference materials, a Backburners module that displays projects and tasks that aren’t top priority, a Discussions module that allows group members to communicate with each other and read through previously posted comments, an Events module that displays deadlines and other events on a calendar, and a Projects module that lists all unfinished projects that the group is working on.

ZoHo Projects

ZoHo, a browser-based utility platform similar to Google’s suite of services, includes a ZoHo Projects service that allows individuals and companies to plan their tasks from any computer in the world. ZoHo Projects is free for one project and consists of 9 modules. ZoHo Projects modules include a Dashboard, Tasks & Milestones, Calendar, Meetings, Documents, Timesheet, Reports, Forums, and Users, all of which are pretty self-explanatory. Because ZoHo Projects is so easy to use, it is one of the most-used browser-based project management platforms in use today.

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