Bring the Cinema Home

Life is all about making the right decisions at the right time, isn’t it? Buy your house just before the property crash or take a holiday somewhere just as a natural disaster is about to hit and you are going to find out how true this statement is.

So how great is it to be able to decide whether to watch the latest movie in the local cinema or at home?  As far as I am concerned the cinema is still a decent option at times but once you have a good home cinema in your house it is going to becoming increasingly difficult for you to come up with reasons to go out to see a film.

The Convenience

This is probably the biggest reason for bringing the cinema home, isn’t it? I know that when I look out and see a cold, wet night outside the first thing I do is cancel any plans to go out to see a movie and instead settle down to watch one at home. My nearest cinema isn’t that far away but the thought of getting all wrapped up and then getting the car out is just too much for me on a miserable night. Instead of this I can put on my most comfortable clothes, crank up the heating and settle down for some fun without going anywhere.

The Cost

Going to see a film outside is a pretty expensive business, isn’t it? It is especially costly if you tend to have a raging hunger and thirst like I do every time I watch a movie. At home I have got a cheeky little popcorn maker and if you are ever lucky enough to see inside my kitchen cupboards you will find that nachos are always present and correct in there. Add in the petrol, the ticket to get in and all of the other costs and it is clear that going to the cinema is not a particularly cheap option any more. By staying at home I can see more new releases in a month and spend far less money doing it.

The Company

One of the best things about seeing a truly great movie is being able to share it with someone. Actually, there are some times when I am happy to sit in alone and watch something, for example after a long, hard day at work. However, generally speaking I like to share the experience whenever I can. With my fancy new home cinema setup I can invite people over for a quality evening worth’s of entertainment which I know that they will enjoy. As well as a top notch movie they might even find some nachos and popcorn heading their way if they are lucky.

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