Branding Through Technology

Technology has made life so much easier, especially in the world of small businesses. Many small business owners operate on a very tight budget, but thanks to new technology, it is not possible for these businesses to become recognizable. New technology now makes it possible for companies of any size to develop a brand, get their name in front of potential customers and engage with their current customers.


Technology makes it possible to conduct research which will become useful when designing your logo and branding your company. With the latest in technology you are able to double check to make sure there are no other logos similar to the one you want to create, see what is working for your competitors and be informed of the latest technology trends for small businesses. Online search engines and databases make it possible to check and see if the company name you want has already been taken.


With lots of different pieces of technology available at our fingertips, such as computers, smart phones and notebooks, developing your brand is also right at your fingertips. With the use of computers and logo design software you canquickly and efficiently create a theme and a voice for your company.

Logo design software

There are various design programs available online free of charge or you can purchase more advanced ones, such as Sobolsoft Company Logo Design Maker and Summitsoft Logo Design Software. Both programs help you create company logos, including customized color and text, which are both a huge part of creating a unique, recognizable logo.

Track It

Use online calculation sites which will help keep track of your online presence and marketing success. Hitwise, hosted by Experian, measures your websites traffic by collecting unique ISP addresses. Other sites that work similar to Hitwise include Google Analytics and GoStats. These sites will help you determine if the website you designed, the logo you have chosen and the brand you have established are working.


Before you start the marketing phase of your business plan you have to have your brand developed and established. Your brand is what customers think of when they see your logo and company name. Along with developing your brand you must also have your logo completely designed. A successful marketing campaign will do you no good if you have not properly branded yourself.

Social Networking

Use Twitter and Facebook to help you keep in contact with your customers. Through these and other social media networking sites you can offer quick tips, company updates, and specials and get to know your customers. Regularly ask for customer input on what they want to see from your company.

The Mobile Movement

Because of new technology, we must brand ourselves around the different types of technology available. When branding yourself, make it possible to go mobile with ease. Make your information accessible from computer, smart phone and notebook. Do this by creating a mobile friend website, which will look the same no matter which device it is downloaded on.

Do not be afraid to change things up and if necessary re-invent your brand. Tweak your business marketing strategies around your brand and fix things which may not be working. Ask for feedback from your customers to find out what they want to see or how they relate to your brand.


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