BlackBerry OS Five Goes Touch

The BlackBerry Storm OS five is a fifth edition release from the OS Company. The phone comes with some finicky new add-ons to the touch screen-operated Storm, which is not similar to most of the other released BlackBerry Phones which have taken very modest benefits from it. If you are keeping track you would be aware of the fact that with reference to the BlackBerry OS, the touch execution is a bit enhanced. The little 3 D touch icons and the few pleasant transitions have a superior look in comparison to the 9700 bold offers. The BlackBerry OS five also introduces kinetic scroll which makes the handing of long lists effortlessly. The automatic rotary motion is also thought to be getting quicker now. These breaks out alterations may have made way to the creative Storm through a firm ware update so the Storm2-exclusive they are not. Regrettably, very little is done about the huge plain ugly text-only submenu which is yet to be placed in the BlackBerry Storm 2. Even with the finest theme applied you just need a few clicks from eyesores. The Storm 2 is not for regular blackberry users only – the aim of audience is now widened and might include few people who, you are aware of having an eye on the esthetics. Touch screen hand sets are here to present fastidious customer experience or their existence is useless. Coming with a normally new touch screen platform has taken quite a lot R & D effort, although they must have put some away for UI polishing.

Home screen is very well structured with 8 shortcut buttons (by default) placed at the base and all icons at the peak. The profiles can be accessed directly from here, as two other features which you choose to allocate the convenience keys. By tilting the handset towards the side does not bring the landscape mode but opens the central menu instead. The BlackBerry Storm 2 has a menu composition completely different from the other touch screen handsets present in the market. It saves for the innovative Storm of course. Not like the iPhones what-you-see-is-what-you-get, you have a main menu button, which revels a register of context-sensitive options. It is required to spend a little time learning the available features if you are a novice to the BlackBerry series.

A press and hold of the menu key brings up the task manager

We are satisfied with the Storm 2 performance. Covering was very uncommon and the handset seems to be pretty steady for the time we reviewed. There was just one restart in almost a week’s time and thus it is not bad any way. RIM does not offer any information regarding the CPU within the Storm 2 but also it is quicker than the genuine Storm or new version of OS is optimized greater to make the tool feel snappier.

Telephony fare much superior

Getting some blemish from the phone book we are going to inspect the Storm telephony so that we were in a nice joyful party this time.

Its Smart dial feature is good, which works while inserting friends in messaging too.

The BlackBerry Storm OS five 20 in-call screen provides four large and easy to use switches plus five shortcuts as it is most likely to require during a call, the persons who include notes, calendar, dial pad, contact and home screen. Well that the final one may not be what one needs during a call as it is the quickest way to make a request that is not in the schedule.

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