Best Ways to Increase Customers and Revenue in your Business

As a business you’re always looking to increase both your client portfolio and the amount of profit you’re making each year. After all, that’s the idea of running a successful business. Winning new business and encouraging new customers to invest in your goods or services can be a difficult process, especially when they’re so set in their ways – as many companies and customers tend to be – having used the same company or service for many years.

This is where it becomes even more of a challenge, you’re not just looking to persuade people to join or invest in you and what you have to offer, you’re trying to persuade them that what you can offer is in fact better than what they’re already using.

A lot of the key influencers within existing businesses take a lot of persuading to move from what they’ve been using for any significant period of time. They, often rightly, have the concept of “if it isn’t broken, why fix it” and they’re the people you often have to win over.

One great way of doing this is by actually showing them that they need your product before they realise it. Writing a really amazing blog post that gets shared around the various social networking sites and emailed around offices and corporations is brilliant, but incorporating some kind of ‘shareable’ content within that article could make the difference. A video clip showing exactly how it works, screen shots showing what can be done, step-by-step guides and even audio are more likely to sway their opinion than a 1000-word article. You need to engage with the people viewing the content, entertain them and educate them and then you’re on your way to finding another client or customer.

You also want to try and reach out to businesses directly, but acquiring all of the information you need to target the right people can be a long and drawn out process that you may not have the resources for. In this instance, telemarketing programs can be highly effective because they have access to all of the businesses and contact details and can do this for you, saving you the time and allowing you to develop the product and continue with your traditional marketing campaigns.

Another great way is to utilise the power of social media. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become incredible marketing tools for companies, allowing them to reach audiences all over the world and to interact with them, immediately answering questions or helping with any queries to give the customer a personable feel rather than a feeling that they’re dealing with an automated system online. If you can make all the right noises and really impress your audience, it will continue to grow – as will your client list and revenue.