Best insurance policies for kids

Now a day’s everybody is aware of insurance policies and at least once in a life time everybody faces a situation showing the need of insurance. Insurance not only helps you in case of your emergencies but also helps your family future by making them financially stable. Though there are several insurance policies available based on your requirements, one must also read the terms and conditions of the policy to understand the policy better. There are several policies available for employed people but there is always a scarcity in child insurance policies. The working tax credit contact can be reduced by taking better policies for children. Here are some famous policies which should be considered which taking policies for children.

HDFC Star Super is a specially designed child insurance policy, which is meant to fulfill the future needs of children. There are several options like starting amount, paying options, time period options available in it with a minimum yearly premium of 15,000INR. The total Sum received varies from 5-40 times of the policy valued money. This is the best policy to fulfill the future needs of your beloved children.

Komal Jeevan is another policy designed especially for kids by L.I.C. This policy is available from a single day old child to people of 26 years. The minimum maturity period of this policy is 10 years. People can even set maturity period of 15 to 25 years if they want and several payment options like quarterly, monthly, yearly are available in this policy.

Star Kid is TATA AIG’s insurance plan is perfect to meet all the financial requirements of your child in future. They had given an option of paying premiums yearly, monthly or even quarterly. You can deposit amount in small sums to meet the future requirements of your children in this policy. It offers cash benefits when the child is at an age of 18 to 23, which requires most of the money as it is the time they will settle down in their life.

Child Plan is another child insurance policy designed especially for children by Bajaj Allianz. It also has the options to pay premiums monthly, quarterly or even yearly. One must stop paying premiums after the child attains an age of 18 as the policy gets over and the company will pay the maturity amount along with some bonuses.

All these plans are specially developed for kids and they are well planned to meet the future needs of your children. These policies are affordable to anyone and everybody can easily pay the premiums of these policies. It is every parent’s responsibility to satisfy the needs of children and give them a bright future. As in the present world scenario everybody knows the importance of money, as these policies provide the required money at right time everybody should consider them. These policies will have additional benefits like payment benefits, tax benefits as these policies come under savings category. These policies also help children by providing financial support to them making him/her financially stable if any of their parents die unfortunately.

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