Best Habits To Prevent Pests At Your Business

Keeping a clean and well-maintained facility is an important part of every business. Like any structure, your business can be the target of unwanted pests, such as ants, roaches, rats, squirrels and other creatures. To prevent these pest problems, smart business owners institute stringent precautions like these to ensure that these pests don’t find a welcoming environment.

Paper Storage

Many business owners don’t realize that many pests feed on paper. Cockroaches, silverfish, beetles and mice can leave damaging evidence of their presence on stored records and paper. Mice will use paper to build their nests. Reducing water in the area will help to discourage insect infestation of stored paper. Covering paper with plastic sheeting or in plastic containers can also help to prevent damage.

Structural Gaps

Many buildings have small gaps and separations caused by the settling of the building and the separation of construction materials. These gaps are an open invitation for bugs, mice, snakes and even bats to come in and make a suitable home for their young. As soon as you notice any of these gaps, consult with your building manager or contractor to plug the area to prevent the influx of unwanted pests into your facility.

Remove Habitats Around Your Businesses

A cozy environment for pests outside of your business will encourage their reproduction and increase the chances they move into your business property. Remove all clutter from around your business, such as old tires and cars, papers and other refuse and any places that provide shelter and retain moisture. Removing these habitats can help prevent these pests from multiplying in close proximity to your building.

Food Items

Put into place rules on where food is allowed in your business. If you have a kitchen area, ensure that it is cleaned regularly either by maintenance staff or an outside service. Have strict rules on putting food items away after use. Insist that all food items be properly wrapped or in plastic containers. Dishes should be washed and dried immediately after use. The refrigerator is a solid, sealed area for perishable items, fruit, crackers, sugar packets and other items that are attractive to pests.

If you cannot put the food into the refrigerator, ensure that it is in a sealed plastic or metal container. Discourage having food at desks or in desk drawers, which can cause a problem that quickly spreads throughout the office. The California Department of Public Health recommends removing all garbage at the end of each day and putting it into outdoor dumpsters to prevent pests.

Hire a Pest Control Service

In some areas of the country, insects and other pests are an ongoing problem that requires regular treatment by a pest control company. These companies offer thorough regular inspections and advise about problem areas of your business facility. Professional pest control in Roseville or your specific locale can treat your premises with appropriate chemicals and baits to ensure that your business is protected in between visits.

Implementing these habits can help to prevent the invasion of unwanted visitors at various times of the year. Your ongoing pest control efforts will ensure that your business isn’t faced with embarrassing pest problems.

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