Battlefield 3 Review

If military shooters were ice cream, Battlefield 3 would be a neapolitan since it seems to sum up every fundamental aspect of the genre. You’ve got your short campaign with a focus on multiplayer, you’ve got every standard-issue gun conceivable, and you’ve got plenty of explosions. Also, just like a neapolitan , Battlefield 3 boasts various flavors, and not all of them are palatable.


Intel i7-2600k @3.40 GHz, with 8GB of R?M, G?F?r?? GTX 580 G?U (SLI)


In B?ttl?fi?ld 3, ?l???rs st?? into the role of the elite U.S. Marines- As the first b??ts on the ground, ?l???rs will ?x??ri?n?? h??rt-??unding missions ??r?ss diverse l???ti?ns including ??ris, Tehran and New York. As ? U.S. Marine in the field, ??ri?ds of tension and ?nti?i??ti?n are ?un?tu?t?d by moments of ??m?l?t? ?h??s. As bullets whiz by, as walls crumble, as ?x?l?si?ns f?r?? ?l???rs to the ground, the b?ttl?fi?ld f??ls more ?liv? and int?r??tiv? than ever before!

Gr??hi? and Sound

The new engine r??ll? is stunning, in the right ?ir?umst?n??s — mainly when the s?r??n is ?r?wd?d with ??tivit?. You’ve ?r?b?bl? s??n ?n?ugh s?r??nsh?ts and vid??s (or ?l???d ?n?ugh). While the ??sth?ti?s and im?gin?ti?n of Rage and ?r?sis 2 put them ?h??d of BF3 as far as gr??hi?s ?l?n? go, BF3 is more ??nvin?ing that ??u are ??rt of ? r??l world. This is m?st ?vid?nt in moments of ?h??s where r??l ??ni? sets in as ??u s?? ??ur ??v?r falling to ?i???s and there are bullets whizzing by, and ??u f??l ? r??l instinct whether to run or st??. S?f?t? is hard to ??m? by and l?gitim?t?l? ??mf?rting when ??u have it.

The sound is f?nt?sti? as well, mostly with ? surr?und-s?und h??ds?t, and it’s worth getting the setup right and testing ? few modes, b???us? it’s ? br?in-?rushing ?x??ri?n??. The harsh ?r??k of ? ??ssing sni??r bullet, the r??r of ? su???rt gunner unl??ding next to ??u, and the ?run?h of m?s?nr? falling ??m? through loud and ?l??r.


M?n? ?l???rs, of ??urs?, will be more than h???? to gloss ?v?r the issues b???us? there truly is something worth ?l??ing when ??u get in d???. Ignoring the m?di??r? ??m??ign and w?st?d ??-??, the multi?l???r is an authentically ?ngr?ssing ?ff?ir, ?n? that fans will love and ?n? that singl?-h?nd?dl? remains worth the ?ri?? of entry. DI??’s would-be triumph ?ft?n fights with its users, struggling to not be ?nj???bl? when it quite ?l??rl? is. When wrestled to the ground, B?ttl?fi?ld 3 ??n be ? very ?nj???bl? and ?bs?rbing ?x??ri?n??, but it’s not ?lw??s ? fight worth having.

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