Basic Gardening Tips For Homeowners

A celebration of Mother Nature’s diverse array of eye-catching flora, gardens occupy the front and backyards of numerous households across the nation. Homeowners are presented with nearly limitless customization options regarding their landscaping, as they can personally select their own plants, soil, mulch, and rocks. While gardens are visually appealing testaments to Mother Nature, keeping them properly maintained requires some dedication. Those left unattended for long periods of time are subject to many perils such as overgrowth, weed infestation, and plant mortality. Here’s a list of helpful tips and tricks to ensure your garden receives optimum care.

Establish a Watering Schedule

Yes, everyone knows plants need water to grow and live, but the actual amount of required water varies depending on the specific plant type and the weather of the respective region. Those of you who are hose-happy and drown your plants in water on a daily basis might not be doing them any favors either, as it has been suggested that too much water is far more likely to kill a plant than too little water. Research your garden’s plants and establish a watering schedule that also incorporates the potential precipitation produced by your region’s weather. Whether you’re watering on a weekly or daily basis, be aware of your plant’s water requirements to ensure they live happily.

Harness the Power of Mulch

Available in a wide variety of colors, materials, and consistencies, mulch’s primary purpose is to insulate the soil to protect it from temperature fluctuations. Placed over the original ground layer, mulch helps the soil retain moisture and prevent the emergence of invasive weeds. It also helps reduce the likelihood of soil compaction as well. Overall, mulch is a dynamic, multi-purpose gardening material whose immense benefits should be applied to every garden. If you trim your trees, you can turn the excess material into mulch.

Proper Weed Prevention

Requiring equal parts constant vigilance and proactivity on the homeowner’s part, weeding is the art of physically repelling Mother Nature’s unwanted floral offspring from your landscaping. Weeds will naturally spring up as a result of your watering and natural precipitation, and it’s paramount you beat them back. Whether you’re using your hands or tools, be sure to unearth the entire plant. If you just pull off the top, the roots will still reside below and allow it to regrow. Recently, weed mats have presented an enticing option for prevention as well, but they aren’t always successful.

Acidic Additions

Certain plants such as camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, and gardenias thrive in acidic soil, and you can give them a helping hand. Administer a light dosage of extra tea or coffee grounds to guarantee the soil’s PH remains on the acidic side of things. It’s an ultra-easy method to bolster the wellness of your acid-loving plants, and is an effective way to utilize excess caffeine resources.

In Summary

Proper garden upkeep is essential to make sure it retains its maximum vitality and visual appeal.  Correct mulch distribution, watering schedules, and weeding tactics will go in a long way in helping your garden stay healthy and beautiful for the long-term.

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