Basic Criteria To Pay Attention To When Choosing Luxury Watches

So, if you have decided to buy a watch, then you need to make this purchase wisely. How to choose a nice wristwatch, which would be not only accurate, but also reliable, practical and beautiful? When purchasing, you should take into account many different factors, which we will describe in this article. Perhaps, we should start with the most basic watch element – mechanism. And then all the important components of watches one after another.

How to choose a wristwatch mechanism? Mechanism of watches is divided into two types – electronic (quartz) and mechanical. The source of energy in quartz watches is an ordinary battery, while in mechanical watches – a spring. However, let’s consider everything in details. Mechanical watches, as it was said before, work from the spring. This spring should be regularly winded as when it slowly unwinds it actuates clockwork. It is clear that watch mechanism stops when the spring is fully unwind. Therefore, this mechanism is more appropriate for people who do not forget to check and wind their watches regularly. There are also so-called winding mechanisms that provide automatic watches winding by means of various external factors (e.g., movement of hand while walking). But self-winding devices do not free the owner from tracking watches accuracy. Besides, mechanical watches are sensitive to dust and humidity. Despite all these inconveniencies, mechanical watches are very popular as with proper care they can operate smoothly for many years. Quartz (electronic) wrist watches work on batteries. There are quartz watches working on solar battery that recharges in the sun light. Quartz watches are usually more accurate than mechanical; they also do not require constant care and supervision. They are able to work for several years on one battery. In addition, quartz watches are unpretentious to weather conditions, many of them are waterproof. You should take into account these recommendations when choosing used or discounted watches.

Watch case is a kind of clockwork protection from external factors. You should pay attention not only to its beauty and convenience, but also on its quality. Most modern watches are protected from moisture, and this information should be placed on the watch case. The next important factor is watch wristlet. If it is made of poor quality material, then after a while it becomes worn and ugly that affects the appearance of watches. If you want leather wristlet, be prepared to change it frequently. Usual term of leather wristlet using is just year and then it loses its attractive appearance. In addition, leather is not friendly to wet weather. Another type of watch wristlet is bracelets made of metal. Steel wristlets are more reliable. When you choose watch with steel wristlet, you should pay attention to the fastener – how simple and reliable it is. When buying watch with metal wristlet, try it on hand. Most likely bracelet length is either too big or, conversely, too small. In the first case, you can easily remove several links of the bracelet. In the second case the bracelet should be replaced.

Thus, we examined the basic details of watches, now it’s time to choose which watches you prefer. Do you need new watches or pre-owned, do you need a simple model or with a variety of different functions, such as calendar, backlight and alarm clock. Both mechanical and quartz watches tell the time, but all other functions have quartz watches.

Joan Beckering for with assistance from Canadian Company selling luxury used and discounted Cartier watches.