Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight Review

Overview: Those of you who know or have used the E-reader that was introduced by Barnes and Noble last year must be really excited about this new product. Even though Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is not very different from what came out in the prior year, it is still the best e-reader currently available. The main difference that we will see in this gadget is the light source that has been integrated in the device. E Ink-based e-reader has the capability of making your reading smooth as silk. The best part about this e-reader is that it makes it possible for you to read anywhere. Even if you are sitting in your lawn in the bright sunlight, you can read as clearly as never before. Likewise, if you are in a room with very little light, this e-reader will not make reading hard for you.

Features: The dimensions of Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight are same as that of the original model that was introduced last year. The measurements are 6.5 X 5.0 X 0.47 inches. However, it has been observed that the weight of the latest device is less than what the original model weighed. The new version weighs around 6.96 ounces.

The touch screen measures 6 inches and is made of anti-glare E Ink screen. The screen resolutions of this device are 800 X 600 pixels along with 16 shades of gray.

You can side-load different books on Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight with the microSD slot. The touch screen is indeed very responsive and you can also change the font of your device. This feature is interesting because it is an e-reader and it always feels good to read in a font that attracts you.

The device can be connected to 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi network.

Pros: The obvious positive point about Nook Simple Touch is that it does not have lighting issues. The compatibility and flexibility of the device has been enhanced by the memory card slot and ePUB. The package also includes an AC adapter.

Cons: The bezel is made up of rubber, which makes it look inexpensive and also attracts a lot of dust. The buttons for turning pages are relatively stiff, however, the touch screen solves this problem as you just have to tap or swipe your finger to turn the page.

This is the first ebook reader that makes reading convenient in almost any state of light. This is the first time that an LED has been integrated within an e-reader and that is the reason that it has been named a winner. The extra 40 bucks that you have to pay for this extra feature are totally worth it. The current price of this gadget is 139 dollars.

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