Apple Steals The Spotlight

After a huge spur of rumors Apple has finally come around to revealing the secret that has tormented our lives for the past few months. Indeed it seems that the rush and thrill of the new device have slowly started to come to an end. Earlier this week it was announced that Apple will unveil the next generation iPhone at a media even on October 4th.

During this past time many Surveys have been conducted that have suggested that iPhone 5 has for the first time seen a very unique demand. Surprisingly this demand has arisen even before people have actually seen the product. Some suggest that is must be because of the hype that has been created but others believe that Apple has actually gotten hold of the market with its extraordinary must have products that anyone in the world dreams to have. InMobi is one of the sites that have come up with this conclusion claiming to have found that 41 percent of U.S mobile phone owners and 39 percent of mobile owners in U.K plan to buy the new iPhone. Even those who already posses an iPhone want to have this device as they think that with all this talk about it has convinced them that indeed Apple has once again come up with something that is cutting edge and quite different from other products in the market.

The rumor still holds that this little baby will be a completely re-designed gadget with all the must have items included in it. Some believe that the Phone will have a better design while other thinks that it will have a faster processor and probably a better camera with 8 mega-pixels. Previously it had been confirmed that the phone will not in fact include a better camera but more recently the rumor has resurfaced and customers are more than excited to see what it all turns out to be in the end.

It has been made quite obvious that the public has great expectations for this device. It is clear that they are really hoping for something a little of the original this time as it all happens to seem very predictable. Honestly, if Apple thinks that a few changes will make things work out they are definitely in for some disappointment.

Whether this device will be a head turner is still far from certain, but this has definitely given Apple some huge amount of publicity for the past few months.

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