Answers Regarding The Questions of +1 Impacting the Paid Search

In the initial days of online marketing, the process was broken down in to organic and paid marketing, which were both apart in their objectives and procedures. However, with the increasing updates by search engines, and the ever-increasing social media influence, the trend has changed, and a social media activity can influence both organic and paid marketing.

The organic impact of social media are evident and obvious, whereas webmasters are still finding answers to the ways in which social media is going to affect PPC marketing. In social media, the introduction and integration of Google+ with search results and ads has made it necessary for PPC marketers to find answers about its influences on PPC advertising.

Social Media and Paid Search:

There are several factors, which Google Adwords takes into consideration pertaining to the display of ads. The primary signal taken into consideration is still the relevancy of the search, meaning the intent of the user’s search query. However, there are other signals also taken into consideration as well. The signals consist of:

  • What the searchers do in terms of their intent, and their behavior, which includes their interests, likes and dislikes.
  • Who the searchers are in terms of their relationships and demographics.
  • What other searchers say in the form of +1’s for an ad or content, or different reviews given by searchers.

All of these signals indicate that, the impact of social media on ads display is increasing day by day. Among social media platforms, Google+’s +1 has a direct impact on paid search.

+1’s Impact on Paid Search:

Although a +1 cannot save a campaign that has a crappy ad, a below par landing page, a bad offer, or an irrelevant text. However, there are obvious and evident impacts of +1 on an ads campaign. The lines below give answer to the major questions concerning PPC marketers pertaining to the impact of +1 on ads campaign.

1. Quality Score:

There is no direct impact of +1 on the calculation of Quality Score. The factors taken into consideration while calculation of quality score are still the same which are, the performance of ad in comparison to the performance of other ads for the same query, UI treatment, and the position. However, +1’s are believed to increase the CTR, which ultimately would result in a high Quality Score.

2. Opting Out of +1:

There is not option for the advertisers to opt out of the +1 impact. Every user that is signed in to Google account, and is searching in US English will see the ads displayed with +1 annotations.

3. +1 Adding Value for User:

Internet marketing companies are looking for the application of +1 on different type of ads. The application of +1 to different forms of ads to create value for the user is under consideration in Google. The different factors that can be influenced by +1 are, the text ads, display network ads, image ads, Media ads, products listing ads, and product extension ads.


In short, the social media platforms, especially Google+ has a direct impact on PPC advertising, and now the inorganic search is totally affected by what is done on social media platforms.

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