Advanced JEE

With Jee exams heading its way into the heads of different candidates appearing for the exam it has now become a trend that Advanced Jee can give a better chance of being in the line of a better engineering course compared to all other cources in Jee. Alsokeeping in mind that it enables you to get a better option for future job and also for a better future and so candidates opt for the Advanced Jee more and are willing to give Advance Jee a hit for better opportunities with their job.

Online Advance Jee Form Filling:

To apply online you will need to need to follow up with different applying criteria which includes different types Filling forms and also scanning images and the different types of signature scanning and the different types of examination fees that has to be paid in due to get the access to the examination application.

You can slo loggin later to understand more about the exams and to finalize the payment process dn also see whether your payment has been accepted or even if your application is in the process and the different criteria which includes the different types of payment for different criteria of people which include the castes which are like the schedule tribes schedule caste or OBS peoples.

After you are done with the registration you will be able to login with different passwords and different identical categories of applicants. Also this means you will be able to login into your account at any point of time.

Criteria of People Eligible for the Exam:

There are different criteria of people who can apply for the Advance Jee exam and those who want to apply for the criteria:

Candidates have to be amongst the 200000 other candidates who have appeared for the exam. With the different 27% for the OBC and 7.5% for the ST and 15% for the SC. And also with 3% for the Dyslexic and the other 50.5% will be under the criteria of which will be open for all other applicants who wants to be apart and has applied for the Advanced Jee exam.

The age limit for the candidate has been set to a big option which is the option of being candidates born on or after the October 1 1991: And the first five years of relaxation which would include both the different criteria of the people who belong to ST SC and PwD will get a relaxations of 5 years. Which means the criteria of people should be born between the time of of on or after Oct 1 1986.

There is an amount of attempts that a candidate can try throughout their tries in attempting the Advanced Jee exam will have the chance of 2 times consecutively to try to get into the exam and to crack it.

The candidate will have to be an apart of the different 12 pass or equivalent exam which has been specified by the exam coordinator. Also note that for those who appeared in the 12 exam for the year of 2015 and wishes to enter will be eligible to appear in the exam but for those who appeared in 2014 or earlier are not eligible for the exam.

Also you have to keep in mind that you will have to full fill the criteria like having the eligibility of not having admitted to IIT/ISM not keeping in mind whether they have appeared in the exam or been a part or left the institution after being a part of it will not be eligible of appearing.

But candidates who are appeared for the exam of 2015 Jee Advance can appear in the exam of 2016 again. This also includes candidates who have already paid for the exam but are not willing to get the seat and are willing to get their seat reallocated.

More Categories for Disabled Candidates:

So the prospects those things they belong to the various groups are liable to be groups themselves with the different classifications they come from. Yet the prospects who refer themselves as enabled will need to obtain the various enabled criteria have to supply with the different authentic clinical certification to support their impairments.

So these were the category of people who can appear for the exam so if you are willing to appear too and your category full fills all the requirements then you can easily access the exam as soon as you want.

Best for Luck for the Exam.

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