Adapting To The New Business Reality: 3 Essentials For 21st Century Companies

The business world has changed rapidly over the last ten years, and companies that have not adapted are becoming dinosaurs and will fail soon.  The modern business must be able to move fast and it relies on information more than ever before, so companies are looking for the very best ways to manage their data and keep customers happy.  The new business reality requires the use of several different types of software to drive sales and increase profits.


More and more business is being conducted around the world, and even small business owners are having to deal with international clients.  For that reason, communication is more important than ever, and the growth of video conferencing has helped to make communication much easier.  Now you can speak face to face with your customers, even when you are on different sides of the planet.  You can show customers products or demonstrate services over things like Skype and that makes customers more willing to do business with you.  Modern business is starting to move away from impersonal communication like email and reclaim personal communication, and so your business must have a Skype id if you want to be at the cutting edge of your industry.


Because the Information Age is all about information, protecting and storing data is of paramount importance.  If you are not able to collect and store your data correctly, then your company will fall flat.  Data is something that you should be backing up at the local level, but it is imperative that you have off-site storage as well, just in case the physical copies are damaged.  Companies like Mozy provide the best and fastest online backup on the market, and you need to contact one of these firms to get the cloud storage that you need.  The longer your databases are down, the more business you will lose and the harder it will be for you to get caught up.  With online backup, you business can be back up and running in hours, not days.


It might seem like dealing with customers is the easiest thing for a business to do, and when business was done in person and in a brick and mortar location, that was true.  Now dealing with customers is much more complex and even the largest companies in the world have trouble with how they handle customers.  You will need a customer relationship management, or CRM, software solution to eliminate several of the disparate pieces of office software that companies typically use.  With CRM you can collect and organize customer data much more quickly and efficiently, and you will be better able to adapt and make changes when necessary.  CRM will also help you to keep potential sales leads in a sales pipeline so that leads do not get lost and you can convert more of them into customers.

Software and services are the cornerstones of the Information Age, and if you want to be a part of modern business, you need these tools to help you keep up with the pace of business.  The right tools will give you an edge of your competition and you will be more prepared to take advantage of business opportunities than your competitors.

I am Clara Cunningham and I wrote this article to talk about some of the business tools that are needed for modern day business.  I especially want to highlight the importance of software CRM companies like SugarCRM ( can provide.  Just this one tool has saved me countless hours dealing with customers and organizing my data, so I highly recommend SugarCRM to anyone who needs CRM software.

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