About Restaurant Cash Advances

Are you desperate to expand your restaurant business? Maybe you want to buy new equipment for the kitchen, upgrade the facilities, redecorate or hire extra staff, but simply don’t have the cash upfront with which to do it? A restaurant cash advance from Capital for Merchants could be the answer – and you won’t have to jump through hoops and mortgage your soul to do it, as the banks would have you believe!

No Fixed Payments

You can ask for any amount up to $500,000, there are no fixed repayment amounts and you can take as long as necessary to finish paying it back. Does that sound like the sort of loan you and your business could cope with successfully? Then why not apply for your advance today!

A Sliding Scale

Your restaurant cash advance works very simply; we advance you the lump sum you request, and in return we get a small fixed percentage from your daily credit card receipts. You don’t have to worry about the repayments as they are deducted automatically, and it means that if you’re going through a lean period, you pay less; when you’re earning more, you pay more. That way you never have to find a sum you simply don’t have on a slow month, but if turnover is high you speed up your repayments; a win-win situation, we think you’ll agree.

Not Like Traditional Bank Loans

Unlike traditional bank loans, there are no startup fees and you don’t have to put up collateral – you don’t even have any personal liability – as long as we can verify you have an ongoing business with a suitable monthly turnover you’re almost certain to qualify. You don’t even have to tell us what you want the money for; that’s up to you – all we want is to be sure you can afford to repay it.

Fill Out Form

To get your restaurant cash advance application moving, start by filling out a one-page page form about you and your business. Submit the application and in as little as one day you’ll hear if you’ve been approved; and three days after that the money will be in your account. Then we’ll set up your repayments through your credit card processor and you can relax and start spending the money!

The restaurant cash advance system is so successful around 85% of our customers come back again next time an advance is needed; why don’t you join them today?!

Author Bio: This post is from Instawares Restaurant Business Blog, a news source for restaurant owners that covers everything from equipment to supplies.

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