A Guide to the Top 5 DIY Tools Every Household Should Have

Having the right kind of tools is a must whether you are working on a minor repair or a major renovation project, as it would assure you that you would be able to get the job done quickly and properly. This is why, regardless of how often you work on DIY projects, you need to make sure that you always have the tools which you can use once you do need to have something repaired, renovated, or constructed in your home, There are a  wide array of tools that are available in the market today, and  homeowners sometime find it hard to determining which tools they should have. If you are one of these homeowners and are wondering which tools you need to get for your home, here is a list of the top 5 DIY tools that every household should have which you can use.

Drill Driver

A drill driver is one of the most essential DIY tools that every household should have, as it can be used for a wide range of functions from making holes to driving screws. When shopping for a drill driver, keep in mind that getting a cordless one would be your best option, as it would allow you to work anywhere in your home, even in places which have no outlets, and make it easier for you to work on projects, since you would not have the hassle of getting its cord out of your way.

Staple Gun

Because of the numerous uses it has, a staple gun is also considered as a must-have DIY tool in every home. Staple guns can be used for DIY upholstery projects, installing insulation, stapling down electrical wiring, and for many other applications. There are three main types of staple guns that you can get today and they are: manual, electric, and rapid or pneumatic. Among the three, electric staple guns are the most commonly purchased by homeowners since they are generally the easiest and most practical to use.

Claw Hammer

Although having electric or power tools is now more recommended because of the convenience and ease of use that they are able to offer, there are still plenty of hand tools that you need to make sure you have at all times in your home; and one of them would be the claw hammer. Claw hammers are used for driving or pounding nails and for extracting or prying nails from a surface. When buying a claw hammer, it would be best to look for one that is not too heavy but not too light to make sure that it would have enough power in every blow but would not be too fatiguing on you when you use it.

Tape Measure

Another basic but important DIY tool that every home should have would be a high-quality tape measure, as getting accurate measurements is an essential step that most DIY projects have. The best tape measures would be the ones which are flexible and can measure lengths of more than seven metres, although it would also be good to get a smaller one which can be used for measuring smaller things around your home.

Circular Saw

If you work on DIY projects often, then getting a circular saw is also advisable. Although most households would be fine with just a handsaw, a circular saw, or more specifically, a cordless electrical circular saw can do wonders for you if you are usually working on DIY projects that require you to cut through wood, steel, ceramic tile, or masonry.

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