A Great way to Improvise Backyard Spaces in Australian Homes

For people with plenty of open back yard space in their Australian homes, pergola kits provide an excellent option for adding more glamour to their outdoor space. These Pergola kits are available in different shapes and sizes and Australian home owners can choose one that fits their outdoor space. In addition to giving a new look to the outdoor space, pergola kits can also be used in home interiors to provide an innovate look and feel to certain rooms in the home.

Australian home owners need to look at several factors when it comes to choosing a quality pergola kit provider. One such proven Pergola kit provider, who has been providing high quality pergola kits of different styles, is Softwoods. There are several reasons to buy pergola kits from Softwoods. Among them, the foremost reasons being the ability to offer different pergola designs, using a computerized design system for arriving at the correct pergola design patterns and having the different components of pergola in ready to assemble pre cut form.

Australian home owners have a variety of pergola designs to choose from including:

Gable roof kits
Flat roof kits
Bay Ended kits
Curved roofed kits

Flat roofed pergola kits would be extremely suitable for home owners looking for an outdoor entertainment centre in their backyards. In addition to providing top quality flat roofs, Softwoods also take care of providing the required decorative features in the form of alfresco linings, mood enhancing lighting systems, blinds and balustrades. Gable roof is another excellent way of creating an outdoor entertainment space. The entire Gable roof structures has been designed and fabricated according to the Australian Standards and Timber Framing Code. Bay Ended pergolas are an extension to the gable roof pergola kit. This provides a novel look to one end or both the ends of the gable roof kits. These kits are available in different standard sizes. Based on the outdoor space available, Australian home owners can choose the kit of the right required size.

Consultants at Softwoods are well qualified in structural design and have years of experience in guiding Australian home owners with respect to choosing the right type of pergola and patio kits. In addition to providing consulting in pergola designs, Softwoods also has a great deal of expertise in designing car ports to safely secure the car. The Technical team at Softwoods would take care of getting the required approvals from the local council by preparing tailor made plans for improving the home’s outdoor space. In addition to the skilled designers, Softwoods also has a team of dedicated builders, who take utmost care in building the outdoor space without disturbing the other parts of the home. The designers at softwoods keenly listen to the ideas given by the different home owners in Australia and try to implement those ideas in their plan. While giving design suggestions, designers would consider the existing outdoor space available in the home and present the wide range of pergola designs or patio style options that would be a perfect fit for the home’s outdoor space. While doing the cost estimates, the designers would show different material combinations available and finally suggest a material combination that would last longer and also would satisfy the customer’s budget requirements.

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