7 Easy Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Old Home

Older houses can often look worn and dated as they continue to age. If you’ve recently purchased an old home or have had your house in the family for generations, it’s time to breathe new life into its interior and exterior so that it gives it new life. You can take that old and worn-looking home to something that you’re proud to show off.

1. Paint the Exterior

There is absolutely nothing more profound for an older home than a new coat of paint outside. Be sure to have a professional do the job for you, since it can be dangerous to paint a large home with multiple stories. Also, choose colors that complement the area your home is in as well as its style.

2. Paint Interior Rooms

As with exterior paint, interior painting can spruce up any room that it’s done in. Turn that drab kitchen into a dream with a classy shade of yellow. Change your older and outdated bathroom into a work of modern art with a chocolate brown hue. Interior painting can be a fun family project to do together.

3. Change Flooring

In many cases, the reason a home looks outdated and old is because of its flooring type, style and age. If you have carpeting in your home from the early 70s, it’s time to change it up for hardwood, laminate or some other variety that fits well into your budget.

4. Add Modern Furniture

If your home is a miss-match of old-style furniture, it’s time to change this up with some more modern pieces. Consider buying your furniture in sets rather than individual pieces. Furniture that’s made in sets tend to blend well together and allow a room to come together as one.

5. De-clutter Your Home

Clutter can make an old home look worn and disastrous. It’s time to get rid of anything and everything that is simply taking up space and has no real value. Furniture that is never used needs to be given away to someone who needs it. Decorations on the wall that have been up for two decades should be switched out for something a little newer and fresher. Simplicity is best when you’re trying to breathe life into a cluttered room.

6. Change the Doors

Changing out the doors in and outside of your home can give the entire house a brand new look. For example, going with new garage doors that are provided by The Garage Door Co Ltd can help your old house to look brand new. A new front door that’s painted to complement the rest of the house will be fantastic.

7. New Window Treatments

Whether it’s new blinds or curtains, window treatments can turn any room into a lively and fresh living space. If the curtains you have up have been there for a while, it might be time to switch them out with new ones.

Your older house doesn’t have to look worn, dated and cluttered. There are many ways for you to breathe new life into the house to give it a fresh and inviting feel. Your home will improve from the inside, out when you put these ideas to good use.

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