Seven Easy Steps To Writing Attractive Web Copy

 A bazillion people in the contemporary world can write web copy. But not everyone can write attractive web content. Poorly written content on your site will do more harm than good, because it will put off your visitors who are the potential buyers of your products and services. Discussed below are seven easy steps to writing attractive web copy.

Brief and Precise Content

Size does matter when it comes to web content. It is better and more beneficial to keep the content brief and to the point. A majority of online users do not have the time or patience to read through pages of content. They just want to browse through your site quickly to get the information they are looking for. So, if the web copy of your company is too long, it is time to revise that so that you provide only essential content to your visitors. Sometimes the content is too long as a result of waffling or repetition; to make your web copy attractive to readers, make it brief and precise.

SEO-Friendly Content

It’s no use investing your hard-earned cash in a website if people cannot locate it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-friendly content will help your site a great deal. This is because it will enable your site to be ranked more highly with major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google. When people search the internet for the products you offer, they will be directed to your site. To make content SEO-friendly, you need to use keywords appropriately in the title as well as the body of your site content. Remember that stuffing the keywords into your content will make it unattractive both to readers and to search engines.

Write the Content in a Compelling Way

It is not all about having quality content. The way you write the content also matters. It is a great idea to be creative and get a style of writing web copy that will catch the attention of the target audience. Writing content in a stimulating and thrilling way can get visitors on your site talking about the content in blogs and social media sites which will drive traffic to your site. For instance, instead of writing a long-winded article, you can break the article into easily digested snippets that will trigger a debate. Write the content in an entertaining way while ensuring that you capture all the important points. Top ten lists, top five tips or seven easy ways are some of the things that easily catch the attention of readers. The content should always be up to date. Stale content will negatively affect your site on search engine ranking; and readers will get bored and explore other sites where they can get current information.

Know Your Target Audience

When you are writing web copy, you should have your target audience in mind. In order to increase the conversion rate your site, you need to write the content using the appropriate tone that will compel users to purchase your products and services. The kind of tone you use when writing web copy for a fashion and modeling site is not the same tone you use in a hospital site.

Put Each Idea in Its Own Paragraph

Ideas are more easily read if they are divided into paragraphs. Explain each idea in its own paragraph for clarity as many ideas in the same paragraph can be clumsy. Readers need to know where one point ends and the next begins without any mix up.

Use the Cascading Format in Idea Planning and Writing

In writing, the reader becomes attentive in the first paragraphs and gets less so as he continues with the rest. Keep this in mind as you do your writing. Make sure that your strong ideas are written first in the opening paragraph before including the less important points towards the tail end.

Proofread Your Web Copy

The final stage in delivering error-free and well-organized web copy is proofreading. There is no person who does not experience typos while writing. Despite their common occurrence, the reader will not be forgiving if he or she sees such errors throughout the text. They reduce the web copy’s credibility. Read through once or even twice and, if possible, send it to someone else who will also proofread just to ensure any error – whether it is a grammatical error or a typo – is rooted out.

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This Article is written John Dietrich, who describes here some tips that help a person to write attractive web copy writing. He has completed his Master degree on English and started his career in corporate copywriting. He learned something special about copywriting from Brian Brinbaum when he started his career. He wrote lots of content for various website.

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