7 Creative Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For Startups

Are you planning on starting your own business soon? Are you in the process of starting a business or already have one, but need customers? There is the traditional way of marketing such as word of mouth, newspaper advertising and there is a method called guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla marketing is a unique, low cost method of reaching the local public. It has also become a popular method of advertising among several companies such as McDonald’s, FedEx, Discovery Channel, Arby’s and others. Some even received positive authentic reviews at OpenTell.com. Here are seven creative Guerrilla marketing tactics for startups:

1. Turn your Home, Place of Business or Car into a Giant Billboard

Grab the attention of people passing buy whether they are on foot or auto traffic by decorating your car, home or place of business with catchy signs or paintings.

2.Make a Video and Place it on YouTube or other Video Site

Videos are popular ways to reach people and you can reach millions each day through them by posting them through various video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can also post these videos on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to reach even more people.

3.Be a Walking Advertisement yourself

You can advertise your business by printing and wearing t shirts and other apparel that advertises the name of your business. You can have these made online through several websites such as Zazzle and Café Press.

4.Place a QR Code in the Window of your Business

QR codes have become a popular means of advertisement by getting the attention of the public in a unique way; through the use of their own smartphones.

5. Promotions that provide a Discount to Customers 

Promotions, such as a discount is a great way to get customers because everyone is looking for a great deal when it comes to goods and services. For example, you can have a deal such as “Buy one, get one free”

6.Use Social Media

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest attract millions each day because they are places where people network, keep in touch with friends and family and even get involved in support groups. You can reach these people by creating a page and/ or an account.

7.Create a Mascot and use it to Promote your Product or Service

You may have noticed various people dressed in costumes waving signs for their business. This trend is entertaining and enjoyable to many workers and other people alike. You can even have your characters go to various other businesses with goodies and cards in tote to give other owners. In turn, you can advertise their business by asking for fliers, business cards and other things that help promote theirs.

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