7 Best Tips For A Fun And Stress-Free House Moving.

Moving house can turn out to be an arduous and stressful affair. Some people are overwhelmed by the sheer mount of stuff and junk they have accumulated over the years and all these need to be sorted, assimilated, packed, marked, loaded and moved. This could take days, even months for some people and that is why people find sojourn in professional movers. Here are a few best tips that will reduce the hassle of your moving;

Make a personal inventory of specific things that you want packed separately and labeled. This is especially important for personal items like gifts, souvenirs, and other personal effects. Decide on a proper labeling format for everything to be moved and do this in one specific place, also called the Packing Central.

Color coding your boxes will make things easier for you especially when unloading and placing back stuff in the new house. For example, all master bedroom boxes may be assigned red so that when moved, they can be placed in their proper places for unpacking hence reducing hassles of re-sorting.

Learn to let go! It is normal to be taken down memory lane when you start unearthing personal effects from your past. Reminiscing on them wastes a lot of time and one should resist the temptation and save for another amble time. In addition, don’t hold on to stuff that you are better off with like junk mail and outdated documents. They are heavy and stuffy for nothing and they should be shredded and moved to the dust bin. Keep only the important documents safely.

Leave the pests behind! If you had pests in your old house, this is the opportune time to give them the boot. Do a thorough fumigation before preparing to move and make sure you do away with cockroaches, spiders, etc before packing.

Give extra protection to valuable and fragile items. Use Styrofoam to pad them for added protection or double wrap them before packing. Give properly labeled personal boxes for each family member where they can pack their personal effects although suitcases are also very good for this.

Inform the necessary entities of your move. This should be done beforehand and this information should be made available to your postal company, insurance companies, phone companies, etc. This helps in avoiding identity theft and switching off of utility bills such as water, internet, gas or electricity. If you are giving some stuff for charity, it is best if you informed them before packing.

Choose professional movers; who are licensed and insured, gives full quotations for their rates, has good customer care and support, and are a presentable outfit.
You observe these tips and you are good to go. Moving should be fun and hassle-free and whether it is your first time moving or you are a regular mover, it is advisable not to overwhelm yourself but rather take time, focus, and above all, be very well organized. Have a fun-filled house moving!

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