6 Tips For Embarking On Your First International Business Trip

Working for a global employer may demand that you occasionally embark on international business trips. If you have never before ventured beyond the border of this country, you may wonder how to plan for a successful and uneventful journey.

You can embark on your first international business trip with confidence by first utilizing these six traveling tips.

Reserve Your Lodging

Before you can plan for anything else during your trip, you need to first reserve a place to stay. Your first inclination might be to reserve a hotel room. However, if you plan on staying for longer than one or two days, you may want accommodations that are more personalized and novel to your destination.

Rather than rent an impersonal and pricey hotel room when you are looking for places to stay in London, for example, you can enjoy your stay better and get more personalized comforts and amenities by reserving a flat. A flat will give you the space, privacy, and comfort of home and allow you to enjoy your first international business trip all the more.

Plan a Thorough Itinerary

Most business trips leave little room for spontaneity. You need to have every day planned down to the second to accomplish the most work during your visit.

To avoid wasting time, you should plan out a thorough itinerary before you depart. Scheduling the times for meetings, phone calls, returning emails, and even dining out with clients is crucial if you want to stay on task and avoid overlooking important goals you need to complete while you are abroad.

Learn the Vernacular

Even if you are traveling to an English-speaking country, chances are you will encounter vernacular with which you are not familiar. Words that mean one thing at home may take on an entire different connotation abroad.

Before you board the plane, you should research conversational language in the place you will travel to. This knowledge will help you understand your conversations better and also allow you to avoid misusing phrases or words that have different meanings than what you are accustomed to.

Learn the Language

If you are traveling to a place where English is not the first language, you may want to brush up on some common vocabulary and phrases in the host country’s tongue. Some of the more important phrases that you should learn how to say confidently include “thank you,” “please,” and “excuse me.”

You also should learn how to introduce yourself in the language and ask for someone’s name in return. Other important words can include those used for directions, numbers, letters, and salutations.

Check Travel Advisories

Numerous countries around the world issue travel warnings to international guests. Depending on to where you are traveling, you may want to check out any advisories that might be in effect for the place you plan to visit.

You can find those warnings on the U.S. State Department’s website. You also can check the websites of the American embassy in that country. You should take all proper precautions to keep yourself safe and avoid certain areas that might be hostile to foreign guests.

Invest in Travel Insurance

Your employer may provide you with most or all of the financial means to take this trip. Still, you might need additional coverage to protect you from losses if your belongings are stolen, if you get robbed, or if you get sick while abroad.

You can secure that protection by investing in travel insurance from a reputable insurer. You should buy more than enough coverage to shield you from any emergency or unforeseen circumstance.

These six travel tips can help you enjoy a memorable and successful international business trip. They also keep you safe and allow you to access comforts that you want while you are away from home.

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