6 Steps To Successfully Launching A New Product or Service

When launching a new product or service, it is important that sufficient planning is conducted to ensure that a company is prepared before jumping in. This article will explain some of the most important steps to successfully launching a new product or service in your company.

1. Conduct Sufficient Research

Before launching a new product or service, the first step should always be to conduct sufficient research to ensure an opportunity exists. By studying the existing marketplace and comparing current offerings with internal capabilities, businesses can find opportunities to create new value. Without this research, entrepreneurs and managers are simply taking blind risks with insufficient understandings of the potential rewards. It is difficult to image a business succeeding with inadequate research, and therefore this step is the first and most important element of any successful product launch.

2. Plan Everything Beforehand

When launching a new product, everything should be planned ahead of time to ensure that the launch goes smoothly. Managers should consider all possible contingencies, and make plans in advance to compensate for them. Companies like Pack All International that continue to release successful products and services do so by planning for everything that can go wrong.

3. Assemble the Right Team

Since business is fundamentally based in people, selectively staffing the product launch team can significantly influence the outcome of the product launch. Both managers and employees should possess both the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed at their role in the launch plan. Employees or managers that do not have the necessary skills required should be re-assigned to a new task or trained to fulfill their role successfully.

4. Achieve Stakeholder Buy-in

Stakeholders consist of customers, employees, investors, management, suppliers, and more. For a product launch to be successful, it is critical that all of these parties are fully engaged in achieving mutual success. This means all parties, even those outside of the organization, will need to buy into to the potential value proposition and be fully-engaged in their role in the process.

5. Market the Product Correctly

When working hard in the development stage, it is often easy to forget how important marketing can be in determining the outcome of a new product launch. While traditional marketing materials are helpful, successful firms are warming their sales by naturally informing their customers about the product long before launch.

6. Learn from Failure

Products often don’t succeed on the first attempt. While this can be discouraging, often the best choice is to try again after learning from failure. With the experience and knowledge gained in a new product launch, even failures present new opportunities for the future.

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