6 Reasons Why To Live In The South West Australia

For those who love the house designs of South West Australia, they should known that the South West is really one of the best areas in Australia where you can live in. There are plenty of things you can see here, but at the same time you will also love the climate, the people and the overall feeling this side of Australia gives you. Below we will take a look at the 6 best reasons to why you should live here.


This part of Australia has a temperate climate type. There are seventy days of precipitation of all levels. In the summertime the temperatures will range from average to hot with the numbers going to the mid eighties to mid nineties. Winters are not harsh but in fact are really mild with periods when you could see snow and periods when the temperature would get really warm. Even though you will find that snow is not something unusual, most of the winter days are actually sunny. The temperatures will thus reach the lower sixties most of the times.


The median income of a household in the South West was thirty eight thousand nine hundred and forty three dollars, while for a family the number grew to forty seven thousand two hundred and ninety dollars. While males earned a median of thirty two thousand six hundred and thirty six, females earned twenty eight thousand four hundred and eighty dollars.

Rich real estate market

In Bunbury you can find or build any kind of house design that you wish for. Also, here are the best house designs of South West Australia available  You only have to choose what is the best for you or your family.

Racial Makeup

In terms of races present, you will find plenty of ethnicities here. Regardless if you are Asian, Afro-American, Pacific Islander and so on, you will find plenty of your fellow compatriots here. At the same time, people in this area are also very friendly and you will easily be able to create strong ties that will last for many years to come.

A little bit of history

Bunburry is the 3rd biggest city in the W. Australia after Perth and Mandurah and it’s located one hundred and nine miles away from Perth’s CBD. The city actually services the timer, mining and farming industries of the S-W which are connected via an extensive rail network. It’s a developing city which tends to get bigger and more beautiful with each year due to its great economy that keeps on flourishing.


Last but not least, if you are interested in wildlife, you will find a lot of variety in the Southwestern Australia. River otters, mountain lions, gray foxes, armadillos, raccoons, mule deer, jackrabbits, porcupines, bighorn sheep, bobcats and many more can easily be seen here. You will be able to also connect more to the nature around you, because there are also many amazing sights to see.

With that being said, these are the 6 reasons to why anyone would love to live in the South West. The people here are extremely friendly and the crime rates are also lower than in most other parts of Australia, something which will give anyone a good peace of mind. With so many good things you’ll find here, it’s no wonder why this place is so appreciated by everyone!

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