6 Overlooked Details For Your Next Renovation

Every renovation job is different from the next. That is why it is so important to understand the details of each renovation job so nothing is overlooked. Take post-renovation problems by the horns by planning ahead. Overlooked renovation details can be costly. Here are a few suggestions to ensure renovation runs more smoothly:

Snapshot Security

Don’t be one of the many folks getting caught with unexpected insurance claims and costs. Before, during and after every renovation project take snapshots of all areas being altered. Not only will this be a great way to tell your renovation success story, it is also a financial safety precaution in case accidental mishaps or improper installation issues arise.

Easy Cleanup

Old pipes, wiring, worn out appliances and fixtures can pile up quickly, causing potential safety hazards. Plan for a quick cleanup. One strategy is to rent a large garbage disposal bin that the company will remove once you finish with it. Companies like King Recycling and Waste Disposal Inc in Toronto or ones in your particular locale will have a variety of bin sizes for different kinds of waste disposal. Using these companies like these can be much easier than tossing the refuse in the bed of your pickup and hoping nothing spills onto the road.

Pin Hole Problems

Bathroom renovations are renowned for improper installation issues. In a room where water is the primary staple, great care needs to be taken to assure complete water-tight functionality. When laying a shower pan, which is basically just a heavy plastic sheet, pay extra attention to pin holes. Nails lying around, installation tools and other sharp objects can pierce tiny holes in the sheet which the eye cannot see. This attention to detail can save you literally thousands in potential post-renovation repairs.

The Air We Breathe

When renovating spaces designed to accommodate odors, water or other airway extractions, don’t forget the proper ventilation factor. Many older homes were not equipped with ventilation registers in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Not only is ventilation great for cleaning the air we breathe; it also serves as a safety measure against overheating and moisture retention. Consider using respirators to protect yourself against the dust and grit that renovations kick up.

Little Details Go a Long Way

Let’s talk about shoe molding and wood flooring. A little trick of the flooring trade is to use the same shoe molding as the wood flooring. Why? It hides dirt better than using painted baseboard molding. That’s what post-renovation enjoyment is all about!

Having the Proper Tools

If you want your renovation project to look professional, you must use the same tools as professionals. These specialty tools can be costly to purchase outright, so consider renting them to save some money. You can save a significant amount by renting that tile saw rather than purchasing it.

Some mistakes you only learn by making, but taking the time to consider renovation details before beginning your project is well worth the effort in order to do the job right.

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