6 Best Types Of Software For Your Growing Business

You’ve gone and done it. You’ve started your own business. It’s doing well, but at times, frankly, it feels a bit overwhelming. There are invoices to send and contracts to write. And forget about going out and finding viable leads.

Yes, you need to make time for all of these activities, but you also know that you really can’t manage everything on your own. The solution to this dilemma, at least in part, is to get some help. While you may think you need to hire someone to assist you with these tasks, that may not necessarily be the case.

Nowadays, you can find software that helps you stay on top of your business’s most important priorities. Here are five pieces of software you must have if you want your business to grow.

Intuit QuickBooks

A strong business is a solvent business. That’s why Mark Growth recommends that business owners invest in Intuit QuickBooks. This program offers some key features that your business needs, especially in your business’s early days when money might be tight.

For one thing, the program tracks how profitable a project or a customer is. This one feature alone can save you not only a ton of financial headaches, but some interpersonal ones, too. That customer who’s too slow to pay might be the customer you need to fire.

Intuit QuickBooks can help you make decisions like this by giving you some solid numbers to work with. Finally, it also lets you know when and if someone has been invoiced and whether or not they’ve paid.

Mail Chimp

Inc.com recommends Mail Chimp as the go-to email management program. If you’re doing any kind of marketing email marketing program, you’ll soon figure out why. You can run features like A/B tests, track email results, and set up automatic emails.

Additionally, Mail Chimp offers a free version, which is easy on the wallet when times are tough. If you have 2,000 or fewer subscribers, you can shoot out up to 12K emails per month on Mail Chimp’s dime.

Lead Genius

All businesses need viable leads to keep them afloat, and some specialty businesses even more so. That’s where a program like LeadGenius comes in. Say you run a local home inspection business like. You wouldn’t want to get leads for people needing home inspections outside of your geographic location: It’s just not practical.

Fortunately, LeadGenius gathers information about potential leads from publicly-available sources, helping company bosses find viable leads. You save precious time because you’re not chasing after unqualified leads.


You may not think of contracts and legal documents right away when you think about growing a business, but you should. If you run any kind of business that requires you to do protracted service work—think graphic design or home contracting—a solid contract can mean the difference between getting paid or not.

PandaDocs helps you keep up with the legal demands of your business without always having to talk to your attorney. You’ll find templates for different types of proposals, written in language that would be legally binding should you have to go to court.


It’s nearly impossible to run a business today without having an active social media presence. It’s also nearly impossible for some business owners to keep up with social media due to other business obligations. If you’re in this predicament, then Hootsuite can help.

This software allows you to schedule social media posts ahead of time for sites like Twitter and Facebook. Then when you have a few minutes, you can respond to any inquiries or comments that you’ve gotten on your posts.

Best of all, if you have clients all over the world, you can schedule some of your posts for when you’re sleeping. Hootsuite doesn’t need to sleep just because you do.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP software is a great one-resource software solution for a variety of business aspects. ERP helps you get the in-depth data you need to make great business decisions concerning inventory management, accounting, HR, managing customer relationships, marketing, and much more. You can even find ERP software that is optimized for specific industries such as manufacturing. ERP can connect you with game-changing data about your business.

Keeping track of your business can seem like a never-ending list of things to do. This is especially true in the first few months/ years of your business. You need every advantage you can get when it comes to growing your business to the next level. That’s why these five software programs are a must. They do everything from keeping track of your invoices to helping you create legal documents. They allow you to use your time, money, and resources in the most efficient way possible, which encourages business growth and stability.

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