5 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Creative Marketing Campaigns

With changes and advancements in the digital space, businesses have better ways to create more attractive marketing campaigns. They have new tactics to test, new strategies to adapt, and new ways to deepen their customer focus.

There are also many business training materials online like The eLearning Guild that can give you and your employees some inspiration. Here are five ways to grow your business through creative marketing campaigns.

1. Influencer marketing

You can increase the recognition of your brand through influencer marketing. In 2016, brands spent an approximate $570 million on influencer marketing on Instagram alone. Influencer marketing is basically about word-of-mouth marketing.

Consumers are inherently likely to trust the opinion of someone they know. Influencers are trusted trendsetters and leaders. Their followers trust their recommendations as they look up to them. Through influencer marketing, your business will receive a steady ingress of customers.

2. Learning solutions and streaming

Live streaming is currently a big thing in most social networks. This is the precise moment to make it work for your brand. If you are new to live streaming, brainstorm content ideas that are authentic and feel the spur of the moment. Such an approach is a ‘how-to’ video teaching them on how to use your brand.

Other ideas include events, demos, questions and answers, and behind-the-scene stories. Live streaming offers a great opportunity for consumers to connect with your product. Personalizing a video with content specific to a given user is an excellent tool for capturing the attention of the given user.

3. Content personalization

With brands investing in interesting and new content, it takes an effort to make your brand stand out. The best ways to stand out is to look for ways to personalize your content. The first step towards this is to create the kind of material that your users are interested in.

Customer profiling will enable you to create fresh and exciting content that relates to the needs of the customers. Interestingly, your content cannot be limited to your website and blog. Keeping your content active on social media will create a better human perception of your brand on social media.

4. Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content is designed to disappear after a given period. This kind of information feels spontaneous, and users want to catch it before it expires. Such kind of content should not be formal, overly edited or stiff. Casual, bite-sized content that costs nothing to make is the kind of content to be used here. Platforms that allow this content include Snapchat and Instagram.

5. Snapchat advertising

Snapchat recently introduced the ability to create geo-filters. Geo-filters allows brands to develop logos and trademarks to sell their products. Snapchat also has ads/stories that appear between user stories. The stories are full screen and play sound automatically. You can use this platform to send longer videos, app installs or articles directly from their ads.

Recent and upcoming features in different platforms are one of the best ways to market and campaign for your business brand. The new functionalities, features, and services are perfect tools for digital marketers to influence users.

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