5 Things Your Business Should Do This Winter To Update The Office

The first impression that your customers have of your company is often made by a visit to your showroom or office. If your business’ office is looking a bit drab or dated, winter is the perfect time to do some essential sprucing up. Here are five projects that are perfect for winter renovations that will benefit your customers, as well as your employees:

Flooring Update

If your office floor is still covered in black and white tiles from the 50s, it can send the wrong message about your business. The same can also be said of cracked and faded linoleum or threadbare carpeting. Take advantage of flooring sales happening after the holidays to get a great new floor installed at a fraction of the normal price. The flooring can take a boring, outdated office to a business that feels is modern and clean. Make sure to stick with a neutral color that doesn’t feel busy with too many patterns. A simple color, texture and design can rally open up the office.

Furniture Covering, Repair or Replacement

Does the waiting room furniture look like a display from the local thrift shop? Torn or stained upholstery or scratched wood can make your business look unkempt and unprofessional. Consider using chairs that are a different color to give the room more cheerful look. If new furniture is not within the budget, some tasteful slipcovers can revitalize old pieces and hide signs of wear and tear. Avoid busy patterns that will be distracting and clash with all of the other items in your office.

Update Technology

It’s important to make it easy for your customers to get in touch with your business when they need to. Consider updating your phone system to handle more calls if needed, and make sure the internet is working at a top-notch speed. Employees should be able to get their work done quickly and efficiently, without being bogged down by slow internet and computers that don’t work well. Stick with the generic, professional-looking phones and keyboards. Although it may seem boring at first, getting something too unique will not work well with the feel of the rest of your office.

Add Some Decor

Don’t neglect your office decor. A homey rug under the desk can make the space feel more inviting, as can potted plants, tasteful art and a communal coffee pot complete with different flavors of creamer. If clients are in the office often, you should aim to make it a professional and inviting space. The wall art and color scheme should reflect the theme and values of the company. To keep the office looking professional, stick with fewer, larger décor items, instead of too many small trinkets that can make the office feel cluttered. A couple of large pictures are a great way to add a very specific look to the room. Consider placing a large pot of flowers on a common table in the main office. Magazines or and brochures should be kept in a basket instead of scattered on a table.

Repainting the Walls

If the paint in your office is stained with fingerprints or the color itself is reminiscent of the 60s, you may want to update the walls. Freshly painted walls can make any room much brighter and cleaner, even if you stick with the same color, suggests a painter in Spring, TX. Colors can look dull and drab after time, and the added stains, small dents and peeling paint can have a huge effect on the overall feel of the office. If your office is a bit cramped, consider using neutral colors to make rooms appear larger. Another great update you could to is stencil art on freshly painted walls. This is a fun, easy and cheap option to add personality and dimension to your office. It is something that can easily be painted over another time if you want to change the look of your office again.

By following these tips, your office can run better and be more attractive, allowing you to make a great first impression for clients, interviewees and vendors.

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