5 Services You Can Provide For Yourself To Save Money

Saving a little bit of money doesn’t always require major sacrifices. Many families spend money on dozens of different services they might actually be able to take care of themselves. Here is a look at five jobs you might want to consider doing on your own to save some extra money throughout the year.

1. Car Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle well-maintained is a great investment that will save you money and keep you safe while out on the road. Projects such as rotating the tires, topping the fluids off, replacing windshield wiper blades, and changing the battery can all be carried out with nothing more than a handful of basic tools such as wrenches and jacks.

2. Family Haircuts

Electric clippers and a good set of scissors cost just a few dollars, and that investment could pay for itself after just a single home haircut. Even if you only trim your hair or a family member’s hair between trips to the barber, you can still cut your styling bill in half.

3. Pest Control

Much like car maintenance, pest control is a service that most people can carry out with some basic tools and extermination products. Getting rid of minor infestations such as a single ant colony can even be done with natural products you might already have in your home. When it comes to serious infestations with dangerous animals like rats and wasps, however, you should rely on a professional pest control service in Manassas instead.

4. Landscaping

Depending on the size of one’s yard, hiring a professional landscaper can cost a family hundreds of dollars a year. Cutting your own grass, trimming the trees, and cleaning away dead foliage requires nothing more than a few spare plastic bags, a good pair of gloves, a limb lopper, and an affordable electric lawnmower.

6. Home Insulation

Homeowners should replace their insulation every few years, but many contractors charge thousands of dollars for this service even though store brand insulation costs just a fraction of that. In addition to saving money on labor, frequently changing your insulation will also cut back on your energy bills. According to the Insulation Contractors Association of America, the average homeowner can reduce their energy bills by at least 10 percent with the proper insulation.

For many families, a good set of tools and willingness to learn a few new skills can save thousands of dollars over the years. Consider the services you pay for and consider looking up tutorials online or asking a friend to give you a hand in doing it yourself. You might end up saving more than you thought was possible.

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