5 Marketing Tactics Used By Million Dollar Corporations

Business owners would be surprised at the different types of marketing tactics that big corporations use on a regular basis. When we think about multi-million dollar corporations, we often get the impression that they all use these expensive marketing tactics. But as you comb through the businesses on websites such as entrepreneur.com, you will start to realize that the multi-million dollar companies spend a lot less on advertising than you may think.

Social Media

When you talk to marketing professionals like the ones at www.dentalmarketing.net, you will hear a common theme in what they have to say and that common theme is social media. The biggest corporations in the world use the free social media platforms to reach potential clients all over the world. It is the same kind of marketing you could be doing right now.

Guerrilla Marketing

There are a lot of terms for guerrilla marketing that include grassroots marketing as well as clandestine marketing, but it is all the same process. This is usually an unusual approach to getting the company’s name or logo out for people to see. For example, those corporate bumper stickers you see strategically placed on park benches in big cities could have very well be placed there by marketing professionals working for those corporation.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

A long time ago, a shampoo company had a commercial about how telling two friends about their product caused it to become popular. This is called word of mouth advertising and large corporations use it all of the time. Corporations will pay people to go into everyday situations and just strike up conversations with strangers about the product. The people striking up the conversations are professionals at word of mouth advertising, so they know just what to say.

Cooperative Marketing

When two large corporations have complementary product offerings, they will often team up and expand their marketing reach. It is a simple tactic that small businesses should use as well.

Marketing Giveaways

When you see someone wearing a t-shirt with a large corporation’s logo on it, there is a good chance that they got the shirt for free. Giving away marketing items such as key chains, t-shirts and baseball caps is extremely popular because it is effective at spreading a company’s name and logo around. Small businesses would be happy to know that effective marketing giveaways are affordable and easy to purchase.

Large corporations use some of the most basic marketing tactics to improve their brand recognition. The reason they use these simple and inexpensive tactics is because they work. Small business owners may want to take a look at just how easy it can be to advertise like the big guys.

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